Senior Fire Control Sergeant

  • Recognized by the Brigade Command Sergeant Major for his technical expertise in establishing digital connectivity for all systems during three multinational exercises.
  • Led the collaborative development of the Brigade Fire Direction Center (FDC) certification program and co-led the development of the 17th Field Artillery Brigade Red Book, improving the Brigade’s operational standard operating procedures (SOP).
  • Meticulously developed a comprehensive and focused digital sustainment training program, incorporating fire support elements from the platoon level to the 5th Battalion Combat Team (BCD).
  • Selected by the Brigade Commander’s group to be the exclusive evaluator for the certification of eight fire direction crews across the Brigade, ensuring tactical and technical readiness.
  • Instrumental during the Battery External Evaluation (EXEVAL), generating and integrating all fire plans into the scenario and serving as the lead FDC Observer/Controller Trainer.
  • Trained two battalion fire direction sections on the proper use and digital integration of the new Profiler system, resulting in the safe qualification of over 32 crews.
  • Co-led the development of the Brigade Live Fire Safety section of the 17th Field Artillery Red Book, resulting in no firing incidents during two live fire events.

FAATDS Specialist

  • Helped close 1st Armored Division Artillery (1AD DIV ARTY) in Baumholder, preserving, salvaging, and transporting 90% of mission-essential equipment.
  • Trained and qualified on all positions within the Fire Direction Center (FDC).
  • Trained his Soldiers on the Sentinel radar and the Forward Area Air Defense (FAAD) computer system.
  • Served as an AFATDS (Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System) operator, RTO (Radio Telephone Operator), Supply Specialist, and vehicle operator during assignment.
  • Deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) IX-X, exceeding the standard in all areas of performance.
  • Selected to act as the Fire Direction Center’s radio telephone operator.
  • Supported the 1-10th Field Artillery Gunnery at Bani Rabia Range as the Security Operations Group (SOG) for the security element.
  • Motivated the rest of the platoon to provide 24-hour security for the Bani Rabia Range, enabling Alpha and Bravo Batteries’ completion of Table VIII training.
  • Accomplished all assigned tasks; Private Agnew is a lead-by-example soldier.

13D2O/Fire Direction Sergeant

  • Supervised the Fire Direction Center (FDC) section during the Artillery Skills Proficiency Test (ASPT) training, achieving 100% qualification.

Badging NCO

  • Volunteered for assignment to the Badging Office at the Construction Entry Control Point (ECP).
  • Entered over 100 local nationals a day into the Biometrics Automated Toolset System (BATS) while assigned to the Badging Office.
  • Enrolled all construction workers into the BATS system at the Construction ECP, enhancing daily security.
  • Maintained and operated the Sherlock system and trained all other Soldiers in the squad on proper procedures for using the Sherlock.
  • Trained all Soldiers in the squad on the BATS system and the proper way to enroll and scan the local nationals.
  • Earned the Honor Graduate designation for the Senior Leader Course (Field Artillery Data Systems Specialist) at the Field Artillery Noncommissioned Officer Academy at Fort Sill.
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