• Supported the platoon leader’s tank during a combined arms live-fire exercise with a German tank, American scout, and American tank platoon, demonstrating exceptional proficiency and teamwork.
  • Adapted quickly to his duties despite being assigned as a loader at the last minute, integrated with the gun’s team, and delivered a sterling performance.
  • Participated in training on the MLIDS platform, obtaining the knowledge and training necessary for certification on the MLIDS trucks to conduct real-world missions.
  • Efficiently and safely loaded over 40 sabot rounds, working under pressure and maintaining the highest levels of accuracy and safety.


  • Reacted immediately to a checkfire call, safely interrupting firing and preventing further damage.
  • Selected as one of 21 sergeants to serve as a gunner during the M777A2 NETT fielding, receiving commendation from the Battalion Commander for MOS competence.
  • Held positions as Company Master Gunner and Platoon Sergeant simultaneously during the Battalion’s first structured Heavy Brigade Combat Team (HBCT) stabilized gunnery.
  • His actions as Gun Two gunner of Charlie Battery helped his section achieve “Top Gun” for the 2011 Annual Training period.
  • Fired over 5,000 rounds for the brigade and assisted in the certification of 30 radar sections and all of the howitzer sections in Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie Battery.
  • Selected by battalion leadership over two SFCs to serve as the battalion Battle NCO due to his experience, attention to detail, and technical and tactical competence.
  • Participated in the fielding and testing of the Rockwell Collins HNV-660 Defense Advanced GPS Receiver (DAGR).
  • As BTL CPT, ensured timely and accurate tracking of over 200 patrols moving through the battalion’s operational environment, providing support and operational updates.
  • Provided secure digital fire support communication equipment for the battalion fire support team.
  • Supervised the rotation of howitzers and the safe and accurate firing of over 250 rounds of illumination in support of area-denial operations in Maysan Province.
  • Graduated WLC with a GPA of 90% and ALC with a GPA of 95%.
  • Developed an operational need statement to justify the acquisition of the Vector 21B Laser Range Finder for the battalion fire support team.
  • Certified as a gunner and ammunition team chief with first-time “GOs.”
  • His skill with the platoon’s mine roller and mine plow pushed his platoon to first place in the Crusader Battalion Plow and Roller Mounting Competition.
  • Certified as a howitzer section chief.
  • Certified 27 HHB personnel on the Defense Advanced GPS Receiver (DAGR).
  • Scored above 270 on the APFT, achieving 90% or higher in each event.
  • Contributed to the development of lower-enlisted soldiers, enabling them to certify as gunners and ammunition team chiefs.
  • Supported West Point ROTC cadets with indirect fires, familiarizing over 1,200 cadets with field artillery procedures and effects.

Platoon Sergeant

  • Designed, implemented, and maintained a rigorous fitness program for his platoon, resulting in the platoon average being raised by 43 points in a six-month period.
  • Ensured every soldier was trained to the highest standard.
  • Upheld soldier discipline, morale, SOP standards, and Army regulations while serving as Acting First Sergeant.
  • Continued to execute his duties as Platoon Sergeant while serving as Acting First Sergeant.
  • His vigilance and dedicated efforts kept the communication equipment and crew-served systems operational.

Section Chief

  • Supervised and conducted the safe and accurate firing of over 300 155mm artillery rounds during two rotations at Pohakuloa Training Area.
  • Versatile NCO assigned to every position up to Section Chief.
  • Completed an Associate’s degree during three deployments.
  • Provided 24-hour security, enabling Bravo and Charlie Battery’s completion of Table VIII training.
  • Consistently scored expert on the gunner’s test and achieved over 90 in each APFT event.
  • Distinguished himself by performing at a level commensurate with a much higher rank.
  • Facilitated and trained Company C soldiers on Field Sanitation and Combat Lifesaver Courses.
  • Placed second out of thirteen sections in the battalion Top Gun competition.
  • Graduated honor grad from BNCOC.
  • Assumed responsibility for the battalion M2 range ammunition supply point, managing safety, ammunition storage and pick-up, and operations.
  • Trained newly assigned commanders and section chiefs on the Paladin Leaders Course.
  • Led a fire team on dozens of combat missions in the highly volatile district of Shajoy in Zabul Province.
  • Fired over 1,000 rounds during several ranges accurately and safely.
  • Stepped up and assumed responsibility for duties well above his pay grade.
  • Fired the first M982 precision-guided munition in theater.
  • Successfully planned and executed the dismounted portion of seven combat missions.
  • Relocated Paladins to a combat outpost and established firing capabilities during OIF V.
  • Supported numerous Change of Command ceremonies as a member of the salute battery.


  • Demonstrated the know-how and competence to train soldiers to set fuses and charges on a variety of munitions for high explosive artillery rounds.
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