Pavements & Equipment Operator

  • Repaired Osan Taxiway Alpha after heat-related damage to the concrete, ensuring its full mission capability within three days and in time for exercise Beverly Herd 18-3.
  • Tested and confirmed the viability of the Air Force’s new Rapid Airfield Damage Repair System, contributing to the improvement of airfield repair capabilities.
  • Accomplished numerous runway repairs critical to over 2,000 takeoffs and landings of C-17s, facilitating the transportation of troops and supplies.
  • Placed and finished 50 cubic yards of concrete for the deployed SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape) team, providing additional storage space for critical training equipment.
  • Managed over $900 thousand worth of deployable heavy equipment, ensuring its availability and readiness for operational use.
  • Trained augmentees on pre-construction dynamic cone penetrometer analysis, a crucial process for assessing the stability of a site foundation prior to construction.
  • Safely expended over 10,000 pounds of explosives as a member of the Demo Team, contributing to the “Outstanding” rating by the Corps of Engineers.
  • Maintained $10 million worth of equipment and snow fleet, ensuring their operational functionality and readiness.

Pavements & Equipment Operator

  • I poured 78 cubic feet of concrete, ensuring smooth transitions for electrical and plumbing connections while renovating the main gate entry.
  • I performed critical runway repairs that were essential for over 1,000 takeoffs and landings of C-130s and various civilian aircraft assigned to the area.
  • I installed and secured 178 security barriers, enhancing security for over 10,000 soldiers and allowing a more relaxed security posture within the compound.
  • I assisted the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team with a self-help project, involving the movement of 20 tons of earth and concrete, ensuring that the drawdown continued on schedule.
  • I engineered a provisional runway that enabled the initial air delivery of crucial supplies and fuel.
  • I repaired over 500 square feet of damaged airfield pavement, facilitating the delivery of essential supplies to forces deployed in various locations.
  • I swiftly identified and repaired twelve damaged areas of the runway, minimizing any mission delays.
  • With meticulous attention to detail, I oversaw the progress of the RED HORSE project and accurately predicted future equipment requirements. As a result, I successfully requisitioned D7 dozers and excavators, which arrived on time and kept the project on schedule.
  • I collaborated with the motor pool to monitor equipment mileage and maintenance during deployment, significantly increasing mission readiness by 25%.
  • I responded to two fence breaches and efficiently directed emergency on-site repairs, restoring security within two hours.
  • I deployed to Al Mubarak, Kuwait and actively participated in the placement of 55,000 square feet of concrete for CENTCOM’s busiest port, a repair valued at $5 million.
  • I safely operated six pieces of equipment for a total of 200 hours while constructing a one-mile all-weather road.
  • I conducted inspections of the airfield, identifying and repairing 15 damaged areas of the runway. This minimized mission delays and restored the runway to traffic in the shortest possible time.
  • I repaired runway faults, ensuring the delivery of essential supplies to deployed forces.
  • My astute leadership was instrumental in the repair of over 1,050 square feet of damaged airfield pavement, a vital contribution to the 628th Civil Engineer Squadron.
  • I repaired numerous spalls and replaced 11 yards of concrete on taxiway Charlie, eliminating potential hazards to traffic.
  • I played a key role in the paving team, professionally placing 700 tons of asphalt in the Operations parking lot to address drainage issues.
  • I proved to be a dependable team member, volunteering for various details when no one else would, including fuel detail, water detail, and latrine detail.
  • I significantly contributed to the effectiveness and success of projects Triad TOC and Motorpool 22. Additionally, I operated and maintained equipment and materials worth over $500,000.
  • I made valuable contributions to the Platoon’s achievements in airfield site operations during the SP245 and SP078 projects.
  • I dedicated over 200 hours operating dozers, graders, scrapers, HYEX, BHL, and bomag for the Fort Riley Airfield project.
  • I cleared and removed over 100 meters of trees and shrubs, as well as installed over 200 meters of concertina wire and pickets.
  • I supervised the mixing of 30,000 pounds of concrete and successfully completed four drainage ditches.
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