• Supervised and supported 33 soldiers on gate guard duty daily from 0400 to 2100 during the month of January 2022, ensuring security and smooth operations.
  • Hauled 224 tons of ditch debris over four days to meet EPA requirements for the Camp Blanding Swale Project, contributing to environmental compliance.
  • Supervised the deconstruction of 22 structures and 370 linear feet of Hesco barriers, efficiently clearing the area.
  • Spread over 5,000 tons of lime rock in less than six days to support Operation Holder/Sapp Road, significantly aiding troop mobility.
  • Completed the FOB Orgun-E project six weeks ahead of schedule by effectively planning and coordinating required resources.
  • Received and distributed over 3,000 tons of lime rock within a three-day period, facilitating troop movement during Operation Grove Road.
  • Demonstrated dependability by accomplishing daily Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services (PMCS), services, and road tests to ensure equipment readiness.
  • Made major contributions during the clearing phase to build the forward operating base for the 509th infantry.
  • Conducted D7 operations and successfully cleared over 20 acres, surpassing the schedule by 48 hours.
  • Planned and supervised squad lanes with second platoon, C CO. during the company field training exercise, ensuring effective training.
  • Successfully executed complex and mechanical breaches during FTX, showcasing tactical proficiency.
  • Accumulated over 160 hours on various equipment, including grader, dozer, scraper, hyex, BHL, and BOMAG, during the Ft. Riley Airfield project.
  • Supported the 837th En Co in route clearance operations by effectively prioritizing tasks and maintaining mission-ready trucks.
  • Executed oversight duties with speed, precision, and accuracy, ensuring efficient operations.
  • Identified Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) during OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom) and Operation New Dawn, saving 12 lives through proactive actions.
  • Supported a project involving the upgrading of bunkers from sandbags to Hescos, pouring a total of 611 cubic yards of material within nine days.
  • Trained and qualified 12 soldiers on the RG-31 up-armored Tactical Vehicle, RG-33 up-armored Tactical Vehicle, and the Panther up-armored Tactical Vehicle, enhancing their proficiency and readiness.
  • Stretched over 1,000 HESCO bastions and moved over 3,000 cubic yards of dirt to fill them within the first two months of arrival at FOB Wolverine, contributing to base security and infrastructure.
  • Marked lanes for a complex breach and a mechanical breach during FTX, demonstrating expertise in tactical operations.
  • United a joint team to ensure mission accomplishment, completing site clearing ahead of schedule.
  • Performed outstanding work on a grader during the final grade, significantly contributing to 50% completion of the project.
  • Successfully stood up Camp Dodge, securing barracks, conducting vehicle inventory, range reconnaissance, and setting up Force Protection measures.
  • Helped clear and grub over 300 meters of trees and shrubs, and laid and emplaced over 300 meters of Constantine wire and pickets, ensuring site readiness and security.
  • Provided valuable advice to HQ on physical security requirements, enhancing project and operation security.
  • Assumed responsibility for all facility construction oversight and repair management, ensuring efficient operations and maintenance.
  • Supervised facility services for over 900,000 square feet of JTF (Joint Task Force) property, ensuring proper maintenance and upkeep.
  • Conducted inventories during change of command that were 100% complete and accurate, contributing to smooth transitions.
  • Supervised ARTEP (Army Training and Evaluation Program), CPX (Command Post Exercise), and an eleven-month construction project, demonstrating proficiency in multiple areas.
  • Mentored two instructors for Board Certification during personal time, resulting in their success.
  • Remained flexible during unexpected rain delays during courses, adapting training delivery to ensure adequate instruction to students.
  • Displayed exceptional knowledge of course material and operations on three different pieces of equipment, serving as a true Subject Matter Expert (SME).
  • Prepared 12N course material for upcoming classes on personal time, providing clear and comprehensive instruction for incoming instructors.
  • Consistently polished instructional and equipment knowledge, sharing experiences for the benefit of the team.
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