• Serves as the go-to authority on all aspects of Technical Rescue retraining, demonstrating expertise and knowledge in the field.
  • Motivates peers and subordinates when confronted with technical rescue situations, inspiring teamwork and effective response.
  • Dedicated personal time to service 150 fire extinguishers in barracks, significantly increasing safety and readiness.
  • Trained all personnel on alarm room procedures and certified six dispatchers, resulting in a 50% increase in readiness.
  • Prepared for and ensured the success of the command inventory at YTC (Youth Training Center).
  • Entered and corrected supply documentation and information, ensuring the full mission capability of the 907th.
  • Tracked the condition of and repairs to post fire alarm systems, maintaining an outstanding 98% in-commission status.
  • Conducted all duties without compromise, displaying an unstoppable drive to accomplish tasks.
  • Briefed 135 personnel on emergency procedures, ensuring their awareness and preparedness.
  • Updated and posted evacuation procedures for all post units, enhancing safety measures and response protocols.
  • Performed over 650 safety checks on all post fire hydrants, ensuring their functionality and reliability.
  • As the primary member of the Small Arms Range Fire Fighting Team, extinguished numerous fires and prevented the destruction of over 1,000 acres of brush, trees, and wildlife.
  • Led over 50 firefighters in more than 1,000 hours of effective firefighter and emergency response training, ensuring their readiness and competence.
  • Selected as the lead firefighter during the Bright Star exercise, successfully coordinating interservice response and enhancing firefighting readiness.
  • Displayed courageous and decisive leadership, facilitating appropriate actions during more than 20 emergency calls.
  • Ensured fire protection for over 3,000 joint service personnel and over $1,000,000 in infrastructure and equipment, guaranteeing uninterrupted operations.
  • Implemented a rigorous preventive maintenance checks and service program that extended the life and increased the readiness of all Fire Brigade equipment and apparatuses.
  • Served as the acting Officer in Charge (OIC) for the Camp Eggers Volunteer Fire Brigade in Kabul, Afghanistan, taking responsibility for leading the team and ensuring effective firefighting services.
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