Construction Supervisor

  • Provided effective supervision of Forward Operating Base Salerno Runway Maintenance, demonstrating attention to detail and foresight. Through diligent efforts, ensured the runway at FOB Salerno was safe for hundreds of landings.
  • Coordinated the construction of a 150-yard concrete pedestal for C-Ram and a 28′ x 60′ Combative SWA Hut, significantly enhancing base security by elevating the C-Ram system.
  • Served as the crew leader for the installation of a 175-foot concrete sidewalk, accommodating daily foot traffic outside of J1 and improving comfort and convenience.

Construction Engineer Supervisor

  • Installed the utility system for the $850K Bagram Theater Internment Facility (BTIF) project, surpassing drainage and slope specifications and saving $5,000 in labor costs.
  • Skillfully coordinated the efforts of the carpentry and masonry shop to construct the interior of the $800K+ BTIF project, minimizing delays and ensuring the project remained the top mission priority.
  • Supervised the expansion of the base ATG Syria, efficiently completing multiple missions simultaneously and positioning the base for increased operations.
  • Demonstrated superior knowledge of countermobility obstacles, successfully constructing 2,200 meters of Hesco wall in under 30 days.
  • Established a company command post that facilitated oversight of training and construction project metrics across the entire Task Force.
  • Ensured the continued mission accomplishment of the diverse company and its consolidated dining facility.
  • Oversaw the execution of $165 million worth of construction, contributing to the construction of over 140 Afghan National Security Forces facilities.
  • Led the advance party to Camp Dodge, effectively establishing and securing barracks, conducting vehicle inventory, and performing range reconnaissance.
  • Provided valuable physical security technical advice gained from international port facility security audit experience, offering relevant guidance to enhance security measures.
  • Maintained high standards in the JTF Engineering shop while performing the duties of the Engineering Deputy Director.
  • Assumed responsibility for all facility construction oversight and repair management, ensuring efficient operations and maintenance.
  • Assumed the lease after the Battalion underwent a life cycle replacement of IT systems, successfully recycling over $50,000 worth of superfluous computer systems at DRMO.
  • Cleared 39 potentially hazardous obstacles, ensuring a safe convoy route for 113 tactical convoys on Route Victor.
  • Assisted the interior electric shop with the expedient installation of 1,800 feet of power wire, completing the task 14 days ahead of schedule and expanding light coverage.
  • Erected two 2.2K square foot ABM (Air Battle Management) facilities at Pope AFB, placing 330 cubic yards of concrete and securing a valuable $10 million training asset.
  • Oversaw the successful cleanup of TA 206B, completing the critical V-ditch mission 30 days ahead of schedule.
  • Supervised ARTEP (Army Training and Evaluation Program), CPX (Command Post Exercise), and an eleven-month construction project, effectively mitigating risks and delivering projects with zero injuries, a unit first.
  • Currently working with the Pre-Mobilization Training and Assistance Team (PTAT).
  • Keeps soldiers informed of missions throughout the month before drill, ensuring proper communication and coordination.
  • Taught the wrecker class on how to increase recovery capability for the consolidated maintenance team.
  • Ensured the secure handling of personal identifiable information for each device being sent to DRMO, preventing any loss of private information to the public.
  • Supervised facility services for over 900,000 square feet of JTF property, ensuring proper maintenance and upkeep.
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