• Served as the Subject Matter Expert (SME) for the BLDG 745 Project, overseeing the placement of 2,040 linear feet of siding and the use of over 15 gallons of primer.
  • Cross-trained 14 soldiers with multiple Military Occupational Specialties (MOSs), ensuring that the project met professional standards and all tasks aligned with the company’s METTC (Mission, Enemy, Time, Troops, and Civilian Considerations) requirements.
  • Provided assistance to fellow soldiers at the BLDG 808 Project after hours, playing a crucial role in getting the project back on track and ahead of schedule.
  • Offered guidance to younger soldiers on proper sling-loading operations using the M1084 crane, which was instrumental in delivering mortars to HHT (Headquarters and Headquarters Troop).
  • Contributed to the completion of the Army Corps of Engineers and Task Force NCA Motor Pool Parking Lot and Drainage Project.
  • Led the team to success during the company’s Squad Situational Training Exercise (STX) and Warrior Task and Battle Drill (WTBD) evaluations on Schofield Barracks East Range.
  • Facilitated the delivery of ammunition to ranges while at Camp Shelby during Annual Training, serving as a key factor in the mission success of the 2nd Squadron, 108th Cavalry Regiment.
  • Conducted training sessions for soldiers on the responsibilities and functions of all positions, ranging from ground guides and safeties to rail and ship loading by crane, as well as daily Tactical Operations Center (TOC) operations.
  • Monitored and tracked over 800 containers, totaling 9,000 lbs net weight of ammunition.
  • Loaded two TAC (Tactical) containers, a HMMWV, and the Radio-In-A-Box (FM radio station) trailer onto trucks for transportation to Gamberi Garrison.
  • Operated a forklift to assist in moving tri-wall boxes into storage containers in preparation for the TAC’s relocation to Gamberi Garrison.
  • Played a key role in the project to position and construct three vital air defense sites within seven weeks of arrival at Erbil Air Base, significantly enhancing base security for over 3,000 personnel and sustaining the mission.
  • Positioned and constructed three vital air defense sites, effectively increasing base security and supporting the mission.
  • Provided support to multiple job sites as a heavy equipment operator and crane operator, successfully loading and hauling in excess of 2,600 cubic yards of dirt and gravel.
  • Acted as a liaison between the 386 EN CO and civilian equipment mechanics, ensuring timely communication to limit equipment downtime to no more than 48 hours.
  • Led his team to receive a 90% success rate on basic soldier and squad engineer tasks, encompassing Medical, Communications, and Weapons proficiency, as well as the emplacement of road craters, MOPMS (Mines and Obstacles, Planning and Marking System) mine fields, and wire obstacles.
  • Responded to a 1,200-gallon tanker truck spill at the primary Entry Control Point, effectively removing and replacing over 100 tons of contaminated soil and restoring operations.
  • Served as one of the Task Force EBAAT (Embedded Battlefield Advisors and Trainers) subject matter experts, providing training to over 100 Afghan Soldiers on maintenance procedures for nine types of Heavy Construction Equipment.
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