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Squad Leader

  • Demonstrated exceptional leadership skills by independently leading his squad to deploy multiple large minefields and wire obstacles. These strategic measures effectively disrupted enemy movement during Deceive Action Rotation 13-02 at NTC.
  • Led his squad in all events during Sapper Stakes, showcasing his outstanding leadership abilities. As a result, his squad achieved first place out of the 13 participating squads in the entire division.

Team Leader

  • Showed great initiative by volunteering to troubleshoot the unit’s Blue Force Tracker system during his free time. Through his dedication, the unit reached a 100% readiness level before the scheduled STX lanes training.
  • Went above and beyond his primary MOS duties by volunteering for additional responsibilities. His motivation, interest, and meticulous attention to detail ensured success in all his endeavors.
  • Organized and conducted informative classes on operating the Atlas 10K forklift and the LRT wheel-mounted crane in an active airfield setting.
  • Demonstrated exemplary proficiency in both rifle marksmanship and hand grenades, serving as a role model for his peers.
  • Displayed operational flexibility as a Team Leader, Tactical Commander, and lead IED interrogator arm operator.
  • Stepped up admirably in the absence of an NCO during rotation 10, assuming responsibility for four other soldiers and performing commendably.
  • Successfully completed 14 missions, including five at Miami ECP and three CMP Lanes, which are regarded as the unit’s most challenging duties.
  • Actively participated in 11 Combat Logistic Patrols, supporting the 179th EN CO and risking personal welfare to assist the sister company in accomplishing their mission.
  • Showcased initiative beyond normal duties by acquiring proficiency in operating and troubleshooting the AN/PRC-145 (MBITR) radio, thus enhancing safe movement.
  • Utilized his experience to repair radios and restore tractor/trailer communications within the convoy.
  • Assumed the role of weapons checks NCO for all crew-served weapons, including five M2 50 caliber machine guns, five 240B’s, and five 249s.
  • Diligently inspected weapons before and after each mission, demonstrating a duty that surpassed his grade/rank.
  • Devoted himself to training during the day while fulfilling his duties during mid-shift hours, effectively enhancing his tactical skills.
  • Played a crucial role in tracking over 2,500 Route Clearance missions and logging more than 250 significant activities as a Battle Staff team member during OEF 2010-2011.
  • Received the US Army Honor Award and was acknowledged for his honor and loyalty during Combat Engineer OSUT training.
  • Assisted platoon leadership in training and mentoring soldiers for future combat deployments.
  • Provided exceptional service while attached to the XX Engineer Company, contributing to the training of soldiers in route clearance tactics and procedures.
  • Ensured security and neutralized two enemy combatants during the Company FTX.
  • Efficiently trained and supervised his team in demolitions, resulting in the team achieving 100% qualification on Engineer Qualification Tables during the Company’s demolition range.
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