• Fostered strong relationships with individuals across different battalions, expanding available resources and contributing to the mission readiness of other crews.
  • Dedicated numerous hours to both theoretical and practical study of the Bradley platform, demonstrating foresight in identifying and resolving potential issues that the team would eventually face.
  • Collaborated directly with NATO allies, upholding standards and discipline while representing the unit, thus enhancing the relationship with the host nation.
  • Provided invaluable leadership and technical fire support assistance to the 3/4ID and subordinate battalions during OIF/New Dawn.
  • Demonstrated exceptional leadership and foresight, enabling the unit to operate successfully in USD-S during a critical transitional period in Iraq.
  • Played a significant role in achieving overwhelming tactical and strategic success during Operation Atlantic Resolve.
  • Developed, organized, and implemented a diverse range of training programs for the battalion before and during Cobra Gold.
  • Devised and implemented robust security measures for the storage and handling of classified information throughout Operation Cobra Gold 2013.
  • Analyzed and monitored historical enemy points of origin, facilitating accurate targeting of enemy attack zones and reducing IDF attacks by 50%.
  • Exemplified genuine concern for the safety and well-being of the soldiers through actions and leading by example.
  • Sacrificed personal standing with the staff to ensure fair treatment of team members, while simultaneously maintaining discipline and readiness.
  • Led the HHC/1-151 IN Scout Snipers Section during the January and February IDT 2023, resulting in the development of skilled Battalion Snipers.
  • Provided comprehensive training to soldiers on urban and rural stalking techniques and the construction of hidesites, thereby improving team survival skills.
  • Distinguished himself as a mature and effective NCO by effectively balancing care and discipline.
  • Supervised a team of 65 troops responsible for the protection of coalition forces, third country nationals, and host nation forces at Khabari Crossing.
  • Served as the senior fire support representative in the SOTF Tactical Operations Center, efficiently tracking, controlling, and managing fire support assets required for SOTF operations.
  • Enhanced CBRN Surveillance and Response capabilities for the City of Dallas, Texas, during a National Special Security Event, Super Bowl XLV.
  • Provided timely and critical information through established communication channels, ensuring the commander had immediate access to accurate and actionable intelligence.
  • Maintained continuous situational awareness for the CST and JTF commander overseeing dispersed Fire Support teams operating across multiple locations in the Joint Operating Area’s largest and most hazardous province.
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