Squad Leader

  • Ensured the well-being of soldiers both on and off duty, providing guidance on benefits such as VA benefits, retirement plans, and educational opportunities.
  • Taught soldiers about personal and business credit scores, as well as how to make purchases under a business name and credit.
  • Enforced the Unit Safety Program, resulting in zero injuries and a 100% success rate during training events, ranges, and operations.
  • Received recognition from the Regiment Commander for achieving first place in the combined Regimental Mortar Squad Competition.

FDC Chief

  • Maintained digital communication with Forward Observers (FO) and gun line using various systems such as LHMBC 60mm, FCC/MFCS 120mm, and 81mm during live fire exercises.

11C Indirect Fire Infantryman

  • Completed the month-long Infantry Mortar Leader Course with an outstanding score and was awarded an additional skill identifier.
  • Motivated and trained the mortar section during downtime in the field, ensuring continuous improvement and readiness.
  • Achieved first-time qualification for the section mortar team during gunnery.
  • Provided overwatch as a 240B Machine Gunner during dismounted operations, supporting reconnaissance and atmospherics missions.
  • Served with distinction in Bravo Company, contributing to the success of Renegade Company during Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) and Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF).
  • Earned several prestigious awards, including the Combat Infantryman Badge, Air Assault Badge, and multiple Army Commendation Medals.
  • Demonstrated exceptional skills in coordinating and adjusting artillery rounds during the 3rd Brigade Combat Team Joint Operational Access Exercise (JOAX).
  • Ensured proper configuration and communication with mortar assets using the Fires cell AFATDS system during rotations and training exercises.
  • Graduated from the Infantry Mortar Leaders Course on the Commandant’s List and completed the Warrior Leaders Course.
  • Provided training to the fires cell on AFATDS operation and developed internal battle drills for successful counterfire missions.
  • Trained U.S. Navy and Australian military forces on the capabilities and functions of the 60mm mortar system.
  • Maintained safety protocols and observed proper firing procedures, ensuring zero incidents and safe support for live fire missions.
  • Demonstrated exceptional driving skills and logged significant mileage in support of various operations and engagements.
  • Completed multiple Bradley Gunnery and National Training Center (NTC) rotations, showcasing versatility as a gunner for a mortar system.
  • Successfully fulfilled various tasks within the Fire Direction Center (FDC) throughout assignments.

Section Sergeant

  • Selected to instruct three Iraqi Army Mortar Platoons, providing training on the capabilities and operation of the 120mm mortar system.
  • Trained over 140 Iraqi Army Mortarmen on basic mortar knowledge and Field Direction Center (FDC) procedures during Operation Iraqi Freedom.


  • Constructed a field expedient antenna, enabling reliable communication throughout the company’s area of operations.
  • Played a critical role in reaching a nine-line MEDVAC when an ANP commander was shot, ensuring immediate first aid.
  • Gained proficiency in Command and Control (C2) tools during assignments in the Tactical Operations Center (TOC).
  • Furthered personal education during off-duty time to enhance team capabilities.
  • Ensured continuous brigade network connectivity when other batteries experienced communication issues.
  • Demonstrated dedication by using personal funds to keep assigned radios operational.
  • Assisted in setting up and operating the AN-PRD 13 Basic Radio Detection Finding System.
  • Intercepted enemy transmissions during a Battalion Combined Arms Exercise, contributing to the success of B Company.
  • Selected as the primary RTO in the J-3 Tactical Operations Center, relaying critical information to the Battle Captain and maintaining situational awareness.
  • Maintained accurate RTO logs, proving vital for subsequent analysis and decision-making.
  • Played a crucial role in updating the DCO with situational awareness information and operational updates.
  • Ensured effective communication within the unit, contributing to the success of the Brigade Tactical Operations Center.

Team Chief

  • Chosen based on experience to establish and manage the 2-34th IBCT Fires Cell, overseeing fires operations in the Brigade Tactical Operations Center (TOC).
  • Set up various communication systems, including AFATDS, CPOF, EMT, and mIRC, to enable real-time communication with other units.
  • Developed reporting and tracking sheets to meet administrative requirements and trained soldiers on AFATDS operation to expand operational capabilities.
  • Assumed additional responsibilities, including mentoring the 1-113 CAV in the absence of their Fire Support NCO and assisting with Electronic Welfare Officer duties.

Ammo Bearer

  • Demonstrated professionalism and ensured safety during the burning of unused powder bags.
  • Reliably served as the core member of the fire team in Mazar-I-Sharif.
  • Participated in a multi-agency ECP operation involving Navy Military Police, QRF, and Battle Staff.

Platoon Sergeant

  • Led the Expert Infantrymen Badge committee, coordinating all training and resources to certify over 300 soldiers in the battalion for the EIB.
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