• Took charge in the absence of leadership after landing during a night jump, establishing the ADAG Team and fostering teamwork and initiative among subordinates.
  • Senior infantryman with deployment field experience, demonstrating a high level of proficiency and expertise in the role.
  • Prior team leader of 3 marines, showcasing leadership skills and the ability to effectively lead a small team.
  • Possesses extensive knowledge and mastery of the job title under the specific MOS, ensuring competence in performing assigned tasks.
  • Proficient in RTAMS (Range Training and Maintenance Services) and trained in constructing ranges according to specific range operations.

SAW Gunner

  • Trained an entire platoon on basic MOUT (Military Operations in Urban Terrain) and CQB (Close Quarters Battle) operations, supporting Operation Enduring Freedom Philippines.
  • Demonstrated leadership ability by assuming the role of Charlie Team Leader during the Brigade’s rotation to the Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC).
  • Displayed versatility and adaptability during Apache Company’s 7-day Eagle Flight live fire exercise.
  • Successfully transitioned from a grenadier position to a SAW gunner position with little notice, showcasing flexibility and quick learning.
  • Achieved high qualification scores with the M249 SAW during both day and night firing, demonstrating exceptional marksmanship skills.
  • Deployed to Camp Buehring, Kuwait in support of Operation Spartan Shield, contributing to the mission’s success.
  • Executed duties as a SAW gunner at a high level during JRTC despite limited preparation time.
  • Mastered the skills required as a SAW gunner within a short period of time upon arrival at JRTC, showcasing adaptability and dedication.
  • Made significant contributions to the successful completion of all lanes and scenarios during 2nd Platoon’s training.
  • Exceeded standards while carrying the 16.4 pound M249 weapon system during training, including a 12-mile march.
  • Supported rotations to NTC (National Training Center) and PTA (Pohakuloa Training Area), and completed a 13-month deployment to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.
  • Led a team in the successful capture of the city of Janan while operating at MOPP (Mission Oriented Protective Posture) level 3.

Sniper Section Leader

  • Selected by the Battalion Command Sergeant Major (CSM) to establish the Battalion’s Scout Sniper Section, highlighting exceptional skills and expertise.
  • Instructed and demonstrated room clearing techniques to soldiers and the Malaysian Army’s 5th Royal Ranger Regiment during Keris Strike.
  • Broke the company’s unofficial record for engaging targets utilizing the M-24 sniper rifle with successful results.
  • Completed the 1,500 Meter Engagement Course with honors, showcasing proficiency as a long-distance precision shooter.
  • Assisted and coached other soldiers at the range, improving their marksmanship and overall accuracy.
  • Demonstrated leadership and contributed to team efficiency while engaging targets and maintaining communications in high-pressure situations.


  • Ensured readiness for and passed multiple arms room inspections, maintaining accountability and proper storage of equipment.
  • Held the responsibility of managing all serialized gear required for storage in all vehicles as the HQ Troop’s armorer.
  • Assisted in training new soldiers on essential skills such as shooting, moving, and communicating effectively.
  • Contributed to the successful completion of the platoon’s Live Fire Exercise (LFX) by assisting 2nd squad with their assigned tasks.
  • Participated in a multi-agency Entry Control Point (ECP) operation, collaborating with KBR, Navy Military Police, and the Quick Reaction Force (QRF).
  • Served as the point entry man during the clearing of villages in Apache Troop’s MOUT (Military Operations in Urban Terrain) operations.
  • Demonstrated situational awareness and implemented proper techniques to ensure squad safety and effective mission execution.
  • Prepared the Troop for an 11-month deployment to the ARCENT (U.S. Army Central) Area of Responsibility (AOR) in support of Operation Spartan Shield.
  • Set an exemplary example for other soldiers to emulate during the Squadron’s Soldier of the Month Board.
  • Conducted over 50 dismounted patrols to discourage and counter IDF (Indirect Fire) attacks.
  • Maintained accountability and tracked sensitive items including AUVIS (Automatic Vehicle Inspection System), Back Scatter, Hand Scanners, radios, weapons, and ammunition.

Battle Captain

  • Consistently performed duties above his pay grade, displaying exceptional competence and capability.
  • Maintained situational awareness for future and past missions, combat vehicle status, power status, and personnel status, supporting the Squadron Commander’s decision-making process.
  • Relayed time-sensitive information between higher headquarters and patrols in sector, ensuring effective communication and coordination.
  • Supervised and controlled the Tactical Operations Center (TOC), maintaining command and control, equipment, battle tracking, and reporting processes.
  • Maintained current and complete situational awareness of the battery’s Area of Operation during more than 100 Advise and Assist missions.
  • Executed Red Cross message actions and squadron reports, including a mass casualty drill, with professionalism and accuracy.

Forward Observer

  • Sacrificed personal time to ensure the safety of all service members during the land navigation course.
  • Developed and implemented an effective fires plan during an operation, providing guidance to soldiers and ensuring successful completion of all events.
  • Instilled a high level of motivation within the 476th Fire Suppression Team, fostering a 50% increase in professional growth among soldiers.
  • Managed the maintenance and service of three tactical vehicles from HHC (Headquarters and Headquarters Company), sustaining operations despite limited resources.
  • Established a company-level Tactical Operations Center (TOC), improving situational awareness and centralizing management of deployed teams.

Senior Sniper/Sniper Team Leader

  • Meticulously maintained assigned sniper weapon systems, ensuring accuracy in round count and consistently stocked weapon deployment kits.
  • Set a new record for successfully engaging a target utilizing the M-24 sniper rifle.
  • Completed the 1,500 Meter Engagement Course with honors, earning recognition as a long-distance precision shooter.
  • Provided coaching and assistance to fellow soldiers at the range, enhancing their overall marksmanship and accuracy.
  • Constructed and maintained small and large arms shooting areas, receiving recognition from Deputy CG CJTF-82 (Combined Joint Task Force-82) and utilization by various agencies on FOB Shank, including the Czech Army.
  • Assigned to the Battalion Tactical Operations Center (TOC) due to experience and judgement.

Weapons Squad Leader (light)

  • Passionate about cross-training all soldiers assigned to the weapons squad, maximizing their adaptability and effectiveness.

Operations Sergeant

  • Served as the Operations Sergeant for TF Ceasar, providing support in S1 (Personnel), S2 (Intelligence), S3 (Operations), S4 (Logistics), and S6 (Communications) functions for soldiers and contractors within TF Ceasar for both Regional Command South (RC-S) and Regional Command East (RC-E).
  • Contributed to the effectiveness and success of the Syke’s Regulars Battalion during various predeployment training exercises, rotations at YTC (Yakima Training Center), and NTC (National Training Center) rotations.
  • Performed duties as the BDE (Brigade) Battle Captain with professionalism and excellence, serving as a coach and advisor.
  • Demonstrated tact and diplomacy during interactions with the 17th Brigade Royal Saudi Land Forces, positively influencing COIN (Counterinsurgency) operations from the company to brigade level during Earnest Leader2013.
  • Provided on-time and on-target services that improved soldier readiness and quality of life, enabling TF Ceasar leadership to effectively manage the force.
  • Task-oriented and detail-minded, completing assignments to the fullest while maintaining focus and making thoughtful decisions.
  • Served as a team leader, squad leader, and operations sergeant on multiple combat deployments, showcasing versatility and adaptability in various roles and environments.

Platoon Sergeant

  • Demonstrated exceptional leadership and organizational skills while preparing, training, and deploying a Quick Reaction Force (QRF) during an Antiterrorism Exercise, earning recognition from the Garrison Command Sergeant Major.
  • Led the Expert Infantrymen Badge committee, coordinating all training and certification efforts for over 300 soldiers in the battalion, resulting in a high success rate.
  • Served as one of two Unit Prevention Leaders, conducting numerous urinalysis inspections to ensure a drug-free environment within the unit.
  • Instructed leadership on the safe and efficient execution of convoy escort missions, stepping in as gunner and truck commander when necessary.

Squad Leader

  • Played a crucial role in helping the squad achieve expert qualification.
  • Developed standard operating procedures for combat logistic patrols within the company.
  • Selected to join the Battalion Tactical Operations Center (TOC) staff, overseeing deployments during Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) and sharing knowledge of Command and Control (C2) tools with the team.
  • Trained and guided the combat section on convoy procedures and convoy security, enabling the successful completion of numerous combat logistic patrols.

Team Leader

  • Demonstrated exceptional skills and courage during operations, including successfully clearing rooms in high-stress situations and providing critical communication support outside the wire.
  • Worked tirelessly to ensure the operations center always had an NCO on duty and conducted detailed orientation classes to enhance safety for new arrivals.
  • Engaged in patrols, eliminating enemy threats, and covering over 100km of hostile territory.
  • Played a key role in training and achieving excellence in AWT (Aviation Warrior Training).


  • Earned the Expert Infantry Badge, showcasing expertise in infantry operations.
  • Performed vital reconnaissance duties for the scout platoon, including sniper support and humvee escort duties.
  • Demonstrated exceptional bravery and leadership in combat situations, including marshaling defense under fire and evacuating injured crew members while prioritizing their care.
  • Maintained strict compliance with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to ensure the safety and well-being of the team.


  • Showcased proficiency in operating and maintaining radio systems, ensuring seamless communication within the platoon.
  • Assumed additional responsibilities and duties of an RTO while effectively fulfilling existing responsibilities.
  • Played a crucial role in maintaining communication links and preventing communication failures during critical missions.
  • Selected to man the Battalion Tactical Operations Center and successfully set up and maintained communication systems, such as TACSAT radio and GRIPS system.

Company Fusion Cell NCOIC

  • Ran a round-the-clock CFC, facilitating targeted offensive operations in Baghdad, Iraq, during Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) 08-09.
  • Developed a comprehensive operational environment picture that supported effective operations conducted in conjunction with Iraqi forces.


  • Demonstrated adaptability and versatility by transitioning from a grenadier position to a qualified M249 SAW gunner position in a short timeframe.
  • Made significant contributions to the success of live-fire exercises and company missions.
  • Assisted and assumed additional responsibilities as an RTO to ensure effective communication within the platoon.


  • Provided essential security and support during various operations, including deployments in support of Operation Enduring Freedom Philippines and retrograde operations.
  • Demonstrated exceptional proficiency and reliability, earning the trust and respect of the team.
  • Selected to train a platoon on basic MOUT (Military Operations in Urban Terrain) and CQB (Close Quarters Battle) operations based on top performance.


  • Developed an OPTEMPO SOP for the Mortar Platoon, ensuring effective indirect fire support on Guardian Angel missions.

Bradley Fighting Vehicle Gunner

  • Excelled as a key member of the crew, achieving the highest qualification score during Bradley Qualification Table VI and earning the 337th BEB Top Gun award.
  • Demonstrated expertise in operating the M1A2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle and trained new crews, ensuring proficiency across the platform.

Fire Team Leader (FTL)

  • Displayed exceptional leadership skills during high-intensity operations, effectively directing a fireteam to achieve strategic objectives.
  • Adapted tactics and coordinated counterattacks, successfully defending against enemy attacks and delaying enemy operations.
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