MOS 00F – MOS Immaterial, National Guard Bureau (NGB)

00F4O Range Operations NCO

Occupies the role of a Range Operations NCO; establishes communication with units prior to their arrival; collaborates with utilizing units to coordinate resource requirements and assign tasks to Range Operations personnel, ensuring timely fulfillment of requests; closely collaborates with the Senior Operations NCOIC; updates existing SOPs as necessary; assumes the position of Range Operations NCOIC during weekends.

00F3X RSP Instructor

Executes duties as an Instructor for a Recruit Sustainment Program (RSP) detachment; holds responsibility for the well-being, training, and guidance of a detachment comprising 118 Soldiers; serves as a positive exemplar for all RSP Soldiers by embodying the seven Army values; delivers comprehensive instruction covering essential skills and enforces strict adherence to safety protocols during training sessions; employs the assist and insist method of training to ensure adherence to established standards; coordinates all resource requirements to facilitate the program of instruction.

IG Team Member

Supervises the Internal Control Toolset for 4 Battalions and 2 tenant units; evaluates mission readiness and compliance; provides instruction on policy matters to a group of 16 NCOs/inspectors; monitors and tracks 110 programs, developing metrics for assessment purposes; conducts both scheduled and unscheduled inspections; reports findings through the IG Evaluation Management System; offers viable solutions; monitors and updates discrepancies as required; provides monthly metrics to the Commander’s Inspection Management Board.

Equal Opportunity (EO) Advisor

Serves as an Equal Opportunity advisor within a Combined Joint Task Force deployed to Kandahar, Afghanistan; actively contributes to the implementation of the EO program; receives and handles complaints in a prompt manner; conducts staff assistance visits to subordinate Task Forces and Sustainment commands; disseminates EO policies and guidance to over 12,000 Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and civilians; coordinates and delivers a comprehensive 40-hour Equal Opportunity Leaders course and a 20-hour Victims Advocate Course; plans, coordinates, and executes ethnic observances, including the arrangement of guest speakers; collects, organizes, and interprets quarterly demographic EO data.

Reserve Service Member (RSM)

Serves as a Reserve Service Member (RSM); performs Inactive Duty for training and Annual training to support readiness, registration, training, recruiting, policy development, and other Selective Service mission requirements directed by the Regional Headquarters (RHQ).

Reserve Forces Officer (RFO)

In the event of a draft, RFOs establish and staff more than 10 Selective Service regional area offices, assume roles within state headquarters, and serve as liaison officers at Military Entrance Processing Stations; oversees the administration of an alternative civilian service program, provided as an alternative to military duty for men classified as conscientious objectors (COs) by a Selective Service board.

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