• I effectively warned section members of the consequences of their actions, preventing UCMJ action and preserving their promising careers.
  • Through mentoring NCOs on the importance of volunteering and its impact on promotions, I contributed to their recognition as the most competitive candidates, resulting in two promotions.
  • I remained vigilant, identifying problems experienced by new arrivals and referring them to the appropriate agencies. By following up on their progress, I earned their loyalty and commitment.
  • I forged professional Soldiers by developing and instructing NCOER (Non-Commissioned Officer Evaluation Report) writing seminars and leading PT (Physical Training) sessions. This resulted in 39 hardened warriors, ready to face any challenge.
  • Ensuring the completion of DLC 1 (Distributed Leader Course) by Soldiers in my section and coaching them on the promotion process, all of them were promoted ahead or on schedule.
  • I mentored two Soldiers until they established proficiency, leading to their excellence at the promotion board and achieving their promotable status.
  • I prepared NCOs and Soldiers for promotion and competition boards, resulting in two promotions to Staff Sergeant and two monthly board winners.
  • By mentoring younger, inexperienced Soldiers on critical MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) tasks, I promoted their professional development and built up momentum for both Soldiers and NCOs.
  • Providing regular growth and developmental counseling, I increased morale and addressed weaknesses within the squad effectively.
  • I ensured that all members were aware of career opportunities, benefits, and entitlements, priming them for career success.
  • Encouraging two-way communication and actively listening to suggestions, I fostered innovation that reduced reliance on checklists and decreased errors.
  • I welcomed new arrivals and facilitated their integration into daily operations, resulting in a 50% improvement in METL (Mission Essential Task List) qualification time.
  • By encouraging Soldiers to attempt difficult or uncommon tasks, I fostered incremental growth in their confidence, ability, and pride.
  • I demonstrated the capabilities of shop equipment, inspiring subordinates to seek knowledge and experience in their operation.
  • Providing new arrivals with appropriate phone numbers and building numbers, I equipped them for success from the start.
  • I ensured that all Soldiers were issued cold weather gear, preventing needless suffering and upholding the Army’s tradition of caring for its troops.
  • I made the decision to hold Soldiers back from the Promotion Board until they were ready, standing up for their best interests and preventing wasted time and discouragement.
  • I counseled new Soldiers on common pitfalls such as unqualified advice and the dangers of debt, reducing the influence of unproductive soldiers.
  • Contacting deployed troops once a week to ensure they had access to food and lodging, I rescued two Soldiers who had spent all their money upon arrival and were going hungry.
  • I ensured that all members were aware of opportunities and their ability to meet requirements, resulting in one special duty assignment.
  • Maintaining constant contact with subordinates, I identified negative workcenter trends and took action to restore productivity.
  • I effectively delegated tasks, producing the most confident and mature leaders in the unit.
  • Trusting junior soldiers with critical segments of the mission, I delegated effectively and transformed bystanders into invested leaders.
  • I empowered subordinates by assigning them increasingly difficult but achievable tasks, which developed their confidence and pride as Soldiers.
  • Ensuring that Soldiers received effective counseling aimed at career progression, I improved morale as they recognized their progress and possible rewards.
  • I challenged junior NCOs by assigning them additional areas of responsibility, promoting continuous advancement and growth.
  • I assisted Soldiers in their day-to-day duties, helping them perform beyond their expectations and surpass self-imposed limitations.
  • I shared knowledge and experience, which was instrumental in improving the operational readiness of the Provost Marshal.
  • I coached Soldiers on lessons learned from active duty, enabling them to gain valuable experience in their roles.
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