• I diligently tracked and maintained up-to-date medical status for 120 personnel, providing essential information to the Commander and playing a key role in immediate deployment readiness.
  • Through the development and implementation of short- and long-range planning calendars, I significantly increased the visibility of operational and strategic tasks.
  • By identifying and correcting medical readiness deficiencies, I successfully raised the operational readiness rate to 98%, ensuring the highest level of readiness within the unit.
  • I developed a comprehensive Soldier database that efficiently tracked every administrative aspect of Soldier readiness, ensuring accuracy and completeness of information.
  • Through coordination with the Readiness NCO, I acquired the latest Command and Control tools, enhancing his effectiveness in managing readiness.
  • Working closely with medical providers, I ensured the proper implementation and adherence to physical processes, guaranteeing the highest standards of medical care.
  • By conducting weekly reviews and facilitating the required medical status, I ensured the fielding of fully-capable teams, ready for any operational task.
  • Maintaining routine 100% contact with all members, I ensured the accurate status of medical readiness and promptly addressed any issues or concerns.
  • I liaised with the Training NCO and orderly room to deconflict and schedule medical reviews with Soldiers, minimizing delays and ensuring timely evaluations.
  • I administered flu shots to the 1ABCT, showcasing my expertise and strong work ethic, which ensured the brigade’s medical readiness was up to date.
  • I actively contributed to the operation of the Aid Station, sick call, and patient care, fostering esprit de corps and solidifying Soldier medical readiness.
  • Through careful planning, coordination, and execution of 14 shot calls, I raised the Battalion’s medical readiness to 96%, achieving a high level of fully medically ready personnel.
  • I accelerated the learning of Sick Call procedures and exams, significantly aiding in the treatment of over 200 patients and improving the efficiency of the battalion medical staff.
  • I procured, tracked, and submitted 55 pieces of correspondence, resulting in an immediate impact and increasing the Battalion’s Medical readiness from 70% to 85%.
  • I updated 11 important Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to current standards, reducing the possibility of deviation from the standard and ensuring the effectiveness of medical practices.
  • Providing superior medical support to the 82D Airborne Division, I ensured total medical deployment readiness throughout the Division.
  • I played a critical role in providing medical readiness for all new in-processing paratroopers to the 82D Airborne Division, significantly enhancing combat readiness to meet the Division’s global obligations.
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