Medical Readiness NCO Duty Descriptions

68W3O Brigade Medical Readiness NCO

As the Brigade Medical Readiness NCO, my role is to provide comprehensive support to the Commander’s Readiness Program, ensuring the highest level of medical and dental readiness among the unit’s Soldiers. I coordinate and track various medical health assessments (MHA), including the Field Medical Readiness (FMR), Periodic Health Assessment (PHA), Post-Deployment Health Reassessment (PDHRA), and more. If any medical or dental readiness deficiencies are identified, I advise the Commander on appropriate courses of action for medical remediation, reassignment, medical separation, or retirement. I serve as the primary medical case manager for the unit, facilitating all necessary medical or administrative functions to facilitate the “return to duty” status for all Service Members. This may involve coordinating the procurement of medical records from military, VA, and civilian sources, scheduling profile reviews, providing assistance with Line of Duty (LOD) investigations, Incapacitation Pay (INCAP) and Medical Management Support Office (MMSO) processes, Active Duty Medical Extension (ADME)/Medical Retention Processing 2 (MRP2) assistance, Medical Evaluation Board (MEB)/Physical Evaluation Board (PEB) assistance, and more. I maintain proficiency in web-based medical programs such as MEDCHART and MODS Modules, ensuring annual HIPAA certification. It is also my responsibility to ensure that supported units understand the requisitioning process for Class VIII medical supplies. Furthermore, I am accountable for the readiness and mission readiness of assigned medical personnel, including 68W Sustainment and Provider Credentialing. I enter updates in MEDPROS for annual immunizations and comply with all assigned medical/dental tasks. The Medical NCO SOP serves as my primary reference for all assigned duties. I maintain a close working relationship with the Brigade Medical NCO and utilize the resources provided by the Office of the State Army Surgeon and Medical Command. Additionally, I perform any other duties as assigned.

42A4O Medical Readiness NCO

As the Medical Readiness NCO, I assume the role of a subject matter expert and primary manager for all aspects of medical readiness. It is my responsibility to effectively manage the health and dental assessments of Soldiers, ensuring that all assessments are scheduled and completed in a timely manner. I review, analyze, and provide recommendations to the brigade commander and staff on all matters related to medical processing, including meeting the medical and dental readiness objectives set by the National Guard Bureau (NGB). Additionally, I serve as a technical advisor to appointed investigating officers, providing guidance on the completion of Line of Duty (LOD) investigations. I also manage casualty reporting, the State Medical Review Board (SMRB), Non-Duty Related Physical Evaluation Board (NDR-PEB), Active Duty Medical Evaluation Board (AD-MEB), and MOS Administrative Retention Review (MAR2) processes for the brigade.

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