Medical Evaluation Board (MEB) VS Chapter Decision


SUBJECT: MEB VS. Chapter Decision

  1. Sir, I formally and humbly request permission to continue in my Medical Board proceedings as a United States Army Active component Soldier.
  2. I enlisted in the Active component in January 2011 and served four years honorably without any disciplinary actions. In 2015, I was subjected to a Criminal Investigation following an allegation of sexual assault, which was ultimately proven to be unfounded. I took responsibility for my actions and received an Article 15 for an improper relationship with a Soldier junior in rank. I have come to realize the incompatibility of such relationships with good order and discipline. I deeply regret the actions that caused disruption to my unit and my personal life.
  3. It is important to note that during the period preceding my involvement in the improper relationship, I faced constant harassment from my ex-wife, who used our son as a weapon through the Army and the court system. This placed significant and relentless stress on me. Despite these challenges, I remained dedicated to my unit and the Army, giving 100 percent effort.
  4. Furthermore, prior to the outcome of the CID investigation, there were no negative actions taken against me. While I acknowledge my mistakes, I have since grown, matured, and established a stable and supportive family life. This has enabled me to fully devote myself to military service for the remaining duration of my enlistment.
  5. In summary, the circumstances that led to my non-judicial punishment no longer exist, and I am committed to not repeating those mistakes. I am actively preparing for my transition to civilian life and believe that continuation of the Medical Board proceedings would greatly assist me in this process. I ask for your consideration of the dedicated efforts I have made in supporting junior Soldiers, as well as the opinions of both my peers and superiors regarding my abilities as a Soldier. Thank you for allowing me to submit this letter on my behalf and for the opportunity to depart the Army with my head held high.

SGT John T. G United States Army

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