• I developed a standard operating procedure (SOP) for ground maintenance, which proved invaluable during a Command Maintenance Evaluation Inspection (COMET) and was subsequently adopted by the Battalion.
  • During the COMET inspection, I achieved an outstanding average score of 97%, with a perfect score of 100% in the Primary Weapons & Equipment category. I exceeded the standards in my area of responsibility.
  • I dedicated myself to maintaining the unit’s equipment and accurately planned and executed unit services and Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services (PMCS) schedules, following the published SOP and training schedules.
  • I successfully identified and repaired an undiagnosed powerplant fault, which restored a vital aircraft to a Fully Mission Capable status.
  • I invested numerous hours ensuring that the assigned vehicle systems were in top condition, maintaining a readiness rate of 10/20, the best in five years.
  • I coordinated a multi-service project that resulted in the successful relocation of a large area maintenance shelter (LAMS-A) from Yakima Training Center to Joint Base Lewis-McChord.
  • By planning and providing unit services, I achieved an operational readiness rate of 96% over a 13-month period. I also submitted a packet for the Army Award for Maintenance Excellence (AAME).
  • I completed 31 out of 39 ground vehicle services and 13 trailer services, surpassing my peers by 60% and sustaining the Battalion’s 96% readiness rate.
  • During scheduled service, I identified and repaired multiple faults, ensuring the service section stayed on track and maintaining the Battalion’s Overall Readiness rate at 97%.
  • I received cross-training in several Military Occupational Specialties (MOSs) in the motor pool, including 91C, 91J, and 91D. This experience made me an indispensable member of the maintenance platoon.
  • As a member of the M88 Recovery Team during the battalion exercise evaluation, I successfully recovered eleven vehicles, restoring nine of them to service.
  • I mentored over 20 soldiers, providing guidance in maintenance practices and professional development. I fostered an organizational culture of teamwork and maximized the diverse talents of all team members.
  • In the field, I identified and repaired a class III coolant leak on an LMTV (Light Medium Tactical Vehicle), HHD-17, using limited tools and parts. This prevented the vehicle from being out of service and ensured its return to the home station.
  • Over the phone, I provided vital diagnostic guidance and information, contributing to the success of Operation Beyond the Horizon in Guatemala.
  • Within two weeks, I completed 98 annual services, significantly increasing the unit’s Fully Mission Capable (FMC) rate from 70% to 88%.
  • I analyzed maintenance trends and adjusted the bench stock, resulting in reduced unnecessary costs, fewer delays, and improved parts availability by 70%.
  • I supervised Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services (PMCS) procedures during the early draw of equipment, streamlining the equipment turn-in process and saving significant time and money on repairs.
  • I worked long hours to prepare for annual training, ensuring proactive readiness for any challenge that may arise when movement orders were received.
  • I strategically positioned mechanics and equipment to support the mission, allowing commanders of three companies to utilize their equipment to its full capacity for training.
  • I repaired equipment that was damaged during Annual Training, restoring mission capability and contributing to the first successful purified water production in an austere environment in battalion history.
  • I completed 33 critical bi-annual services on HMMWVs, LMTVs, LHS, and HEMTT Fueler systems, resulting in zero vehicle failures for six consecutive months.
  • I played a significant role in the repair of over 113 shortcomings and deadline faults found on vehicles assigned to the unit, exceeding the Battalion’s maintenance goals by 40%.
  • I conducted quality assurance and quality control inspections on HMMWVs, LMTVs, LHS, and HEMTT Fueler systems, achieving a high readiness rating for the 20th EN Battalion DCRF mission.
  • Working closely with Production Control, I provided valuable insight and recommendations regarding maintenance plans, preventing operational delays.
  • I successfully repaired 45 Mobile Burner Units, five generator sets, and two forklifts, reducing the unit’s reliance on sister units during deployment.
  • I troubleshooted and repaired mission-essential Ground Support Equipment during intense scheduled training and workloads, achieving an unprecedented accomplishment.
  • I partnered with other sections to optimize limited resources, overcoming manning shortfalls and parts deficiencies to meet goals.
  • I logged over 200 working hours within a month’s timeframe, significantly improving maintenance readiness by 10%.
  • I provided clear guidance to new soldiers, preventing damage to aircraft and test equipment and facilitating rapid section qualification.
  • I took the initiative to complete the 40-hour, 120-hour, and a phase maintenance action, providing unparalleled maintenance support for C Co. 3/126 AVN.
  • I prepared M1151 up-armored Humvees for Headquarters and Headquarters Company (HHC), expanding the unit’s flexibility and defensive capability.
  • I performed field maintenance during other crews’ iterations, ensuring maximum throughput for all crews assigned to the convoy protection platform.
  • I meticulously tracked over 1,000 pieces of equipment during fielding, ensuring accurate readiness status for subordinate, adjacent, and higher units.
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