• Single-handedly analyzed and corrected deficiencies of over 1,700 empty gas cylinders, enabling their processing and shipment out of KAF.
  • Scrubbed and reconciled records, achieving 100% correlation between the Army Materiel Status System (AMSS) and SAMS-1E and PBUSE for the first time in five years.
  • Monitored and supervised maintenance of the theatre Training Equipment Set, maintaining an ORR never falling below 95% operability.
  • Reorganized the facility, turning in over $3 million worth of theater-provided equipment (TPE) and AMCOM property (TEP), enhancing logistics visibility.
  • Selected by the Command Sergeant Major to serve in the Brigade Support Operations, contributing to the improvement of the Standard Army Retail Supply Systems.
  • Conducted monthly PBUSE to SAMS1-E scrubs until all equipment administrative data matched, leading the Support Battalion in consistent error-free reporting.
  • Assisted the joint distribution center with container management operations, tracking and submitting TMRs for over 1,000 retrogrades in support of Camp Bucca.
  • Advised the Medical Supply Officer on requesting, receiving, and disseminating Medical Chemical Defense Materiel in preparation for deployment.
  • Established a unique intra-theatre transit of CLV III, ensuring rapid distribution and delivery of critical life-saving products.
  • Took ownership of the company equipment dispatching process, adhering to all BN safety and procedural requirements, improving operational continuity.
  • Managed over 300 work orders on special operations weapons, specialized electronic radio systems, and light-wheeled vehicles, providing agile combat support.
  • Implemented strict access control of the Class 1 warehouse, increasing inventory accuracy and reducing losses by 50% in less than 30 days.
  • Managed the receipt, storage, and distribution of class I, II, III (packaged), IV, and IX materiel to over 700 customers within the Sustainment Brigade’s area of operation.
  • Supervised the retrograde of recoverable items, improving accuracy and reducing shipping delays by 75%.
  • Developed and implemented the release strategy for 700 supported customers in USARHAW, optimizing resource use and scheduling.
  • Oversaw Division supply operations during reception, staging, and onward movement operations in support of deployment to Konotop barracks in Poland.
  • Provided essential information and standard operational procedures for all units upon arrival, ensuring an orderly transition into the operational environment.
  • Ordered over $1,100,000 worth of supplies and equipment, ensuring Team Renegade’s maintenance readiness and mission success.
  • Expert SAMS-E operator, helping identify and solve software errors, preventing impairment of motor pool operations and mission execution.
  • Tracked Battalion periodic uploads and downloads of maintenance and supply transactions of class I, II, III, IV, VIII, and IX, facilitating accuracy.
  • Saved the Task Force over $40,000 over 13 months on the CLIX budget through judicious use of the Parts Accountability and Fort Campbell Free Issue Team.
  • Maintained an immaculate filing system with zero deficiencies to organize the battalion’s service data on all equipment, receiving accolades from the inspection team.
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