Material Management NCO Duty Descriptions

Materiel Management NCO

In my role as the Materiel Management NCO, I provide crucial support to the 25th Infantry Division tactical Supply Support Activity (SSA). My responsibilities encompass managing and directing the receipt, storage, and distribution of various classes of materiel, including class I, II, III (packaged), IV, and IX. I oversee the distribution of these supplies to over 800 customers within the area of operation of the Sustainment Brigade. It is my duty to monitor the funding process through ZPARK and ensure the proper retrograde of recoverable items. Additionally, I handle the release strategy for 800 supported customers within the U.S. Army Hawaii (USARHAW) region. I am also responsible for counseling, training, and developing two NCOs and three Soldiers under my supervision.

Material Management NCO

As a Material Management NCO within the 4th Infantry Division’s distribution yard, my primary focus is on the efficient distribution and transportation of all classes of supplies, including Class I, II, IIIP, and IX. I ensure that these supplies are promptly delivered to their designated destinations. I provide support in managing and overseeing the Class I warehouse operations. Additionally, I take charge of the security and operation of the Task Force Iron Horse Logistical Distribution Center. In my supervisory role, I oversee the Class I, II, IIIP, and IX Distribution Center and assume the responsibilities of the senior Logistical NCO when advance parties are required.

Material Management NCO

In my capacity as a Material Management NCO, I lead a Supply Support Activity (SSA) platoon, overseeing all aspects of army warehousing. I am responsible for the efficient management of a multi-class SSA, handling classes II, IIP, IV, and IX supplies. Maintaining strict accountability, I ensure the daily tracking of over 1,600 Authorized to-Forcast (ATF) lines, with a total value exceeding $2 million. Providing essential logistical support, I cater to the needs of 356 divisional and non-divisional units. I supervise the daily transaction process for inbound and outbound shipments, optimizing the use of limited resources to achieve our logistical objectives. Furthermore, I take charge of the supervision, training, and welfare of five NCOs and 22 Soldiers within the platoon.

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