• Mentored and held subordinate maintenance activity managers accountable, increasing their knowledge of maintenance management and enforcing strict standards.
  • Supervised a robust maintenance program, reducing maintenance backlog for subordinate activities by 50% and delivering a consistent operational readiness rate above 90%.
  • Made effective recommendations for the Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM), improving maintenance procedures used during Maintenance Operation Checks (MOC), Fault Isolation Procedures (FIP), and repair procedures.
  • Made sound maintenance decisions for the unit that directly supported the Commander’s intent and promotion of unit standards.
  • Played an essential role in the repair of six deadlined vehicles during Annual Training 2016.
  • Encouraged and developed innovative ideas to improve maintenance practices, resulting in improved maintenance output while preserving efficiency.
  • Oversaw maintenance schedules and taskings, optimizing available skills and personnel and reducing repair delays.
  • Engaged assets outside the Major Army Command (MACOM) to ensure maintenance personnel were available during training events, adopting it as a best practice.
  • Made sound decisions as the Contact Team Leader supporting HHC 741st BEB, sustaining mission accomplishment.
  • Acted as the Maintenance Chief for 20 Soldiers during Beyond the Horizon Guatemala.
  • Oversaw the restoration and 24-hour operation of the Deployable Rapid Assembly Shelter (D.R.A.S.H.) power units supporting the Deployable Command Post (DCP), ensuring the operation of the unit’s number one maintenance priority.
  • Demonstrated unprecedented problem-solving skills, excellent planning abilities, and effective organization, leading to the selection as Battalion Motor Sergeant over four peers.
  • Conducted Property Book Unit Supply Enhanced (PBUSE) to SAMS1-E scrubs until all equipment administrative data matched, resulting in the Support Battalion’s first error-free Army Maintenance Standard System (AMSS) in over eight years.
  • Maintained outstanding rapport with Soldiers, extracting the most from each one individually by tailoring leadership to the Soldier and task.
  • Emphasized the importance of proper troubleshooting procedures to all supervised mechanics, reducing misdiagnoses of Non-Mission Capable (NMC) faults by over 50%.
  • Possessed the technical and tactical knowledge necessary to teach and train deploying Soldiers on Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) tasks, supporting Operational Detachment Alpha (ODA) teams.
  • Shared knowledge and experience, playing a key role in the section’s 100% completion rate of all scheduled services on tactical equipment with zero delinquencies.
  • Established an aggressive cross-training program that increased skill availability in less than 60 days, eliminating scheduling shortfalls.
  • Developed and implemented a maintenance program that directly impacted the result of the COMET inspection, achieving a 99% rating.
  • Served as Platoon Sergeant and Maintenance Control Sergeant, performing all duties and responsibilities with outstanding results.
  • Challenged and motivated Soldiers to aggressively manage their careers, resulting in two graduates from Senior Leader Course (SLC), two graduates from Advanced Leader Course (ALC), and five graduates from Warrior Leader Course (WLC).
  • Faced challenges with quick decisions and hard work, demonstrating leadership and technical knowledge as the lead maintenance NCO of the 2nd platoon during FY22 Annual Training.
  • Ensured the Battalion turned in excess and unserviceable equipment, reclaiming over $1.4 million for the maintenance budget.
  • Dedicated personal time to prepare Soldiers for the board, resulting in five Soldiers earning promotable status and two Soldiers winning Soldier of the Month board.
  • Brilliantly executed motor pool operations for multiple units, successfully completing 550 job orders on all Fall Classic Equipment.
  • Successfully managed a team while being responsible for the installation, operation, and maintenance of over $9 million in equipment assets.
  • Supervised recovery missions for over 250 critical vehicles, achieving a 100% success rate.
  • Dispatched contact teams to repair numerous vehicles, accomplishing the fastest reclamation in the province.
  • Supervised the completion of over 400 work orders while maintaining an overall 98% Operational Readiness Rate on 500 pieces of equipment.
  • Maintained 100% accountability of all assigned equipment valued at over $20,000, eliminating lost tools and increasing maintenance readiness.
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