Mailroom Duty Descriptions

42A Mail Clerk

In the role of a 42A Mail Clerk, I am responsible for performing and overseeing the sorting and distribution of incoming mail. I ensure that incoming and outgoing registered, insured, and certified mail is sorted, recorded, and controlled in accordance with applicable regulations. It is my duty to coordinate the timely pickup and delivery of mail to the post office, adhering to the established schedules. Maintaining security during the delivery of mail to and from the post office and unit mailrooms is a top priority in my role.

Mailroom Specialist

As a Mailroom Specialist, I am responsible for the efficient operation and maintenance of the unit mail facility. This includes maintaining accountability for and managing the distribution of all unit and personal mail and parcels. On a daily basis, I handle tasks such as picking up, sorting, and distributing mail. I receive, inspect, and safeguard mail, ensuring that proper security protocols are followed. Additionally, I handle classified mail, inspecting, signing for, and accepting responsibility for its processing. I also provide guidance to patrons on acceptable packing methods, maintain scales and other equipment, calculate postage, and process payments. In the event of missing mail, I document and initiate a search to locate it.

Mail Clerk Supervisor

In the capacity of a Mail Clerk Supervisor, I serve within a Cavalry Regiment supporting 1,300 military and civilian personnel. One of my key responsibilities is to train and qualify new personnel joining the mail clerk team. I lead a team of five Mail Clerks, ensuring that proper procedures are followed for the receipt, recording, processing, and delivery of various classes and types of mail. Additionally, I prioritize the maintenance of functional files and ensure the physical security of the mailroom and its contents.

Mailroom QA

As a Mailroom Quality Assurance (QA) personnel, my role involves verifying the completeness and accuracy of forms. I conduct spot checks on directory files to ensure proper maintenance and endorse the mail receiving directory service for correct endorsements, ensuring appropriate disposition. I ensure that periodic inspections are conducted effectively and follow-up actions are promptly accomplished. When necessary, I conduct inspections of unit mailrooms, ensuring compliance with established protocols and procedures. Overall, I am responsible for maintaining the security and integrity of the mailroom operations.

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