Joint Logistics NCOIC

  • Invested enormous effort in establishing relationships with Soldier support agencies, resulting in a significant improvement in Soldier support.
  • Fully supported the Army SHARP/EO (Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention/Equal Opportunity) programs and fostered an environment free of harassment. Deeply respected by every Soldier, NCO, and officer.
  • Excelled as the acting SFJ (Special Forces Joint) SGM (Sergeant Major) for two months, ensuring three sites were in compliance with organizational procedures and goals.
  • Administered and processed $2.4 million of logistics and humanitarian assistance, sustaining life for seven OGA (Other Government Agency) locations and 191 refugees.
  • Served as a guest instructor for kickboxing and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) at two gyms in Amman, facilitating personnel integration.
  • Oversaw the execution of six contracts valued at over $3.5 million, providing support to over 100 SOF (Special Operations Forces) personnel across Jordan.
  • Instructed FARP (Forward Arming and Refueling Point) training to ESOS (Expeditionary Special Operations Squadron) for 21 foreign special operations aircraft, resulting in three successful real-world recon missions.
  • Coordinated with senior ARFOR-J (Army Forces Jordan) leaders to develop and implement a $1.2 million logistical plan to retrofit nine aging facilities, ensuring sustained operations.
  • Hand-selected representative from SFJ to work directly with the US Embassy in Israel for the recovery of two downed vehicles.
  • Executed duties as the PJ (Pararescueman) during Eager Lion 18, successfully performing 42 jumps with Jordanian Special Forces and 26 US SOF Soldiers.
  • Spearheaded scenario-based team-building exercises for 57 JORSOF (Jordanian Special Operations Forces) NCOs, enhancing their professional development.
  • Facilitated the issuing of 11 repair parts worth $6.6k in support of operations on Fort Simba, restoring vital defensive ability.
  • Ordered, tracked, and recuperated 123 logistical requisitions valued at $66k, sustaining operations while remaining under budget.
  • Established a Land Usage Agreement with the Government of Jordan, obtaining and guaranteeing the US ability to use 79 square miles for training.
  • Developed two contract packages totaling $2.7 million for mission-critical support for two austere contingency locations.
  • Reviewed and approved over 273 APACS (Approved Acquisition and Cross-Servicing Agreement) clearance requests, recognized by the Charg√© d’Affaires at the US Embassy in Amman for establishing a logistical relationship with JORSOF.
  • Managed the procurement of over $3 million worth of equipment and supplies to fulfill requirements for four JCETs (Joint Combined Exchange Training) and two MSOTs (Marine Special Operations Teams).
  • Provided support for US Special Operation Forces during the Eager Lion 18 bilateral military exercises at KASOTCF (King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center), facilitating foreign participation.
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