Letter of Recommendation

13 Oct 17

MEMORANDUM FOR [Recipient’s Name/Title]

SUBJECT: Letter of Recommendation for SGT John Sims

  1. It is with great privilege that I write in full support of SGT John Sims, one of our esteemed members. SGT Sims joined our workcenter immediately after completing Advanced Individual Training (AIT) and has been an invaluable asset for nearly two years. Throughout this period, I have had the opportunity to witness his remarkable growth and development, not only in combat arms expertise but also in maturity and character.
  2. Upon his arrival as a PV2, SGT Sims exhibited eagerness to leave a mark and anticipated swift progress in climbing through the ranks. Initially, he struggled to accept his position as a young and less experienced Soldier, harboring some resentment towards the efforts of his superiors to enhance his training. However, over time, he embraced the essential virtue of humility and embraced the opportunity to learn from his more seasoned peers and supervisors.
  3. SGT Sims swiftly mastered time management, excelled in group settings with strict deadlines, and grasped the significance of a strong work ethic, perseverance, and integrity. As a result, he has emerged as the most reliable and dependable member of our section, serving as an exemplary role model for newly assigned Soldiers.
  4. With unwavering confidence, I wholeheartedly recommend SGT John Sims for the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX program. He has made me immensely proud, both as his friend and supervisor, and I am certain that he will continue to achieve greatness as he progresses through your program and beyond.
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