Letter of Recommendation, 1SG


SUBJECT: Letter of Recommendation for XXXXXXXX

  1. It is my distinct pleasure to endorse XXXXXXXX, affirming that he is fully capable and deserving of continued duty and service. As his Commander for the last two months, I can personally vouch for his intelligence, resilience, and professionalism. Both his subordinates and peers acknowledge his outstanding qualities as a leader, trainer, and motivator. Notably, his injury has had no impact on his exceptional performance as the Company 1SG.
  2. 1SG XXXXXXXX has exhibited exemplary performance in carrying out his duties. His level of expertise in military doctrine is unparalleled for an NCO of his rank. Moreover, he possesses a remarkable talent for articulating complex and technical information in a clear and concise manner. This ability, coupled with his patience and compassion, will undoubtedly ensure his continued success as a leader.
  3. I hold firm conviction in 1SG’s potential to achieve continued success in his military career.
  4. For any inquiries regarding this document, please feel free to contact me at (XXX) XXX-XXXX.

JONES CPT, AV Commanding

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