Leave and Pass Policy


SUBJECT: Command Policy Letter #1 (Leave and Pass Policy)

  1. References: Army Regulation (AR) 600-8-10, Leaves and Passes
  2. Purpose: This memorandum is intended to provide clear guidance and procedures regarding leave and pass for Soldiers in compliance with AR 600-8-10. The objective is to enhance the safety, accountability, and equitable administration of leave and pass within the unit.
  3. Applicability: This policy applies to all Soldiers assigned or attached to this unit.
  4. Commander’s Intent:

a. Leaves and passes are considered privileges and must be approved by the Troop Commander. However, it is essential to ensure that Soldiers are granted the leave they have earned, while maintaining mission readiness and adherence to regulatory requirements.

b. Safety is a primary concern. Platoon Sergeants will ensure the existence of a safe travel plan before approving any leave or pass requests for their sections. The Soldiers’ supervisory chain of command is responsible for verifying the presence of a travel plan, adherence to COVID mitigation measures (14 days post full vaccination cycle), and absence of overdue items in the Soldier’s Individual Medical Readiness (IMR) record. Approval of leave and/or pass will be conditional on these factors, ensuring Soldiers do not engage in unsafe travel practices or jeopardize their well-being.

  1. Leaves:

a. Leave administration will adhere to AR 600-8-10 and the guidelines stated in this Policy Letter. The DA Form 31, Request and Authority for Leave, will serve as the official document for requesting and approving authorized leave. Ordinary leave spanning from one to 30 days will require the signature of the Troop Commander. All leave requests falling within this category must be submitted 15 days prior to the requested start date. There is an automatic exemption to the 15-day policy for Soldiers requesting Transition and Permanent Change of Station Leaves.

b. The Squadron Commander serves as the approving authority for leave requests exceeding 31 days and for those involving travel outside the continental United States (OCONUS). Leave requests falling under this category must be submitted to the Troop Commander no later than 30 days prior to the start of leave.

c. When submitting a leave request, the following documents/items must accompany the DA Form 31: most recent Leave and Earnings Statement (LES), DA Form 4856 (Leave Counseling Statement for CRF Personnel only), IMR documentation, and COVID mitigation measures (counseling or 14 days post full vaccination cycle). If air, bus, or train travel is involved, an itinerary must be provided with the leave request. It is important not to make any flight arrangements prior to receiving a signed DA Form 31, as such arrangements cannot be honored without proper approval.

d. Leave outside the United States requires additional mandatory clearance, a country brief, and prior approval, in addition to meeting ordinary leave requirements. Requests for OCONUS leaves must be submitted no later than 60 days in advance to the BN S-2 for processing.

e. Paternity/Maternity Leave will adhere to Army Directive 2019-05 (Army Military Parental Leave Program). This policy allows for a 6-week period of non-chargeable leave for designated primary caregivers and a 21-day period of non-chargeable leave for designated secondary caregivers, following qualifying birth events or adoptions.

f. Soldiers recommended for Convalescent Leave must obtain the necessary documentation from their physician, attach it to a completed DA Form 31, and follow the same procedures as ordinary leave.

g. Emergency Leave requests will be approved by the Troop Commander and are exempt from the 15-day requirement stated in paragraph 5(a).

h. Requests for leave extension will be granted only under emergency circumstances and must receive approval from the Troop Commander. Soldiers requesting leave extension must notify their supervisor at least 2 days prior to the original leave expiration date, if possible. Return to duty by the original leave end date is required if the extension is disapproved.

  1. Passes: Regular and Special (in accordance with AR 600-8-10)

a. Regular Pass allows for authorized short absences from the post or place of duty during normal off-duty periods, including official holidays. During normal off-duty hours, a Soldier remains available for duty unless authorized otherwise. A pass is required for any overnight absence from the Soldier’s normal place of domicile. A regular pass period must not exceed 3 days in length, inclusive of public holidays or training holidays.

b. Special Pass: Deserving Soldiers may be granted special passes of up to 4 days. A 4-day special pass must include a minimum of two consecutive non-duty days. For example, a 4-day special pass may cover a weekend, starting at the end of working hours on a given day and ending at the start of normal working hours on the fifth day (e.g., Thursday after close of business until the start of the duty day on Tuesday).

c. Soldiers must physically be present in the local area (defined as on post, duty station, or the location from which the Soldier regularly commutes to duty) at the beginning and ending of leave and/or pass. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in UCMJ action.

d. Passes may not be granted if Soldiers have use or lose leave days.

e. Soldiers traveling less than 250 miles are required to provide the documents listed in paragraph 5(c) above. The first-line supervisor will sign the request to verify the presence of a safe travel plan. The Platoon Sergeant will conduct a comprehensive pre-departure safety briefing no later than the last duty day before the start of the leave/pass.

f. Soldiers traveling more than 250 miles. In addition to the requirements outlined in the previous paragraph, the Soldiers must meet with the First Sergeant and/or Troop Commander. Travel exceeding 500 miles on a pass is discouraged, and approval for such requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

g. Soldiers planning to travel more than 250 miles one way during off-duty periods must have an approved mileage pass and a travel plan as stated in paragraph 5(c) above. Late submissions of requests may result in disapproval.

  1. For further inquiries or clarification regarding this memorandum, please contact the undersigned at (123) 456-7890 or [email protected].
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