• Reestablished inventory and positive control of keys, significantly reducing the rate of lost keys.
  • Identified, for the first time, the function and purpose of every key in the inventory, setting the stage for operational efficiency.
  • Engineered a two-layer use key plan, effectively reducing unauthorized access to sensitive areas by 50%.
  • Established a key control log that eliminated lost keys and reduced unauthorized access by 90 percent.
  • Created a key control system that organized keys for billets, the FST (Field Support Team) facility, and vehicles.
  • Represented the DISCOM (Division Support Command) for physical security and key control during a Division CIP (Command Inspection Program).
  • Served as the primary Key Control NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer), maintained, tested, and distributed AN/PRC-5D, AN/PRC-117G, AN/PRC-152, AN/PRC-148, and AN/PRC-150 radio systems.
  • Reorganized and maintained the Key Control Program for the Battalion with a 100% accountability record.
  • Created and implemented a Battalion key control system that organized keys for 307 rooms, resulting in 100% accountability of sensitive items at all times.
  • Identified all existing keys, rooms, and locks that were missing keys, liaised with the lock shop to restore 100% accountability.
  • Updated local OI (Operating Instructions) and collaborated with the vehicles NCO to consolidate and streamline unscheduled equipment issues.
  • Developed a comprehensive SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) and provided training to 13 command-level mobilization and deployments, uniform, and personal property representatives.
  • Provided over 20 hours of training on Battalion events and key control management, making a successful contribution to pre and post-deployment workshops.
  • As the transportation manager, maintained and tracked 11 vehicles operating over 20,000 miles, ensuring 100% accountability of 110 keys.
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