• Coached junior NCOs (Non-Commissioned Officers) and Officers prior to attending Jumpmaster school, resulting in ten new Jumpmasters for the Battalion.
  • Acted as a liaison to the Air Force Pararescuemen in support of their annual Tandem Jump Master course.
  • Inspected aircraft before every jump, identified an uncovered vent, and secured it, preventing an in-flight emergency.
  • Oversaw Air Force PJ (Pararescue) training with C-130 aircraft, completed without a single safety incident or injury to Soldiers or Air Force members.
  • Graduated from Advanced Airborne School and became one of only four qualified Jumpmaster Signal officers in the Brigade.
  • Coordinated garrison support for specialized C-130 training, obtained more than 20 Soldiers to assist, and delivered relevant real-world training.
  • Briefed aircraft crew on jump requirements, increased integration of effort, and improved jump accuracy by 25%.
  • Orchestrated Operation Toy Drop for Civil Affairs and Psyops Command (Airborne), essential to the success of Operation Toy Drop XIX.
  • Manifested participants, created certificates, and presented 1,300 foreign jump wing badges, recognizing foreign jumpmasters.
  • Accomplished 35 static line jumps from CH-47 platform, increased experience, and ability to integrate with special ops team.
  • Served as Joint Airdrop Inspector, coordinated three joint and multinational exercises, delivered three heavy platforms, six Container Delivery System bundles, and 430 personnel.
  • Oversaw joint training with Navy and Air Force personnel, maintained 73 Rigger and 47 Jumpmaster currencies.
  • Supervised the safe operational conduct of over 388 high-risk parachute descents.
  • Successfully completed the U.S. Army Jumpmaster School MTT (Mobile Training Team) at Ft. Benning, GA, supporting the unit’s airborne mission.
  • Scrubbed the Company’s Jump Log, corrected discrepancies, and addressed overlooked training deficiencies.
  • Assisted with Jump Master Personnel Inspection (JMPI) and served as Malfunctions NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer) after conducting MFF (Military Free Fall) jump during the annual training jump.
  • Performed MC-6 covert jump operations, completing over 100 MC-6 parachute jumps, becoming the first unit to qualify with the MC-6.
  • Led paratrooper operations in austere combat locations in support of International Security Assistance Force operations.
  • Managed maintenance procedures and quality checks on 2,600 parachute systems, sustaining a mission-ready status.
  • Enabled 10 EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) platoons to conduct 1,234 paradrops, 226 HRST (Helicopter Rope Suspension Techniques)/CAST (Combat Assault Slide) operations, and 12 CRRC (Combat Rubber Raiding Craft) parachute water insertions with zero mishaps.
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