• Assisted in evaluating and assessing Intelligence Information Reports, resulting in the completion and publication of 88 reports.
  • Acted as a liaison for the IET, attending 91 meetings with the Regional Narcotics Interagency Fusion Cell to convey our operational readiness to RNIFC staff.
  • Played a role in managing source files, ensuring organizational preparedness for a CENTCOM inspection.
  • Maintained two Intelligence Fusion Servers, significantly enhancing combat effectiveness and enabling timely reporting of critical information to Commanders.
  • Supervised and ensured the completion of over 1100 System Authorization Access Requests (SAAR), providing support to the 1st Battalion of the 145th Armored Regiment while stationed in Kuwait.
  • Served as a JPAS Subject Matter Expert (SME), demonstrating proficiency and critical thinking skills that were crucial to the success of the Battalion’s missions within the USCENTCOM AOR.
  • Accountable for over $5 million worth of equipment, supporting WFX 20-04 and Defender 20 and contributing significantly to the readiness and preparation of the 1st Cavalry Division.
  • Utilized expertise in interpreting intel-enhanced imagery, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of the MD Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination Team.
  • Integrated GEOINT into Multi-Domain Task Force Intelligence, significantly multiplying intelligence capability and preparedness.
  • Coordinated with WFS13 Palawan, SMART Communications, expanding communication range and providing communication services in remote areas for the first time.
  • Successfully completed a 12-hour Biometrics Automated Toolset/HIIDE Training course, ensuring full preparedness for detainee and local national enrollments.
  • Processed over sixty periodic reinvestigations for secret clearances, effectively protecting sensitive information and reducing process wait times by 60 days.
  • Assisted in conducting multiple initial command inspections throughout the battalion, leading to improved overall physical security of the units.
  • Served as the NCOIC for a joint Hard Target Cell (HTC), developing products that assisted in mission planning and achieving nine task completions, providing sound assessments.
  • Planned and executed a successful IWQ (Individual Weapons Qualification) with zero safety incidents, qualifying over 150 Soldiers and surpassing Soldier requirements.
  • Served as the FUOPS (Future Operations) officer for the 71st EMIB during Operation Talon Strike, evaluating coordination success and planning for future deployments.
  • Stepped in as the CUOPS (Current Operations) officer during challenging circumstances when more experienced officers faced difficulties, ensuring the chain of command remained informed and sustaining operations.
  • Regularly briefed the OIC, BDE Commander, and BDE leadership, providing candid and timely reports that facilitated rapid crisis resolution and overcame obstacles.
  • Supported HVT (High-Value Target) human intelligence gathering and dissemination, enabling effective Counterintelligence Analysis and clearing an insurgency stronghold in Kabul Province.
  • Processed over 45,000 records of telephone tolls in support of an active DEA case, with dedication to duty playing a key role in the success of the law enforcement investigation.
  • Integrated over 1,000 joint personnel and civilians in Intel operations, establishing the first KFOR (Kosovo Force) intel SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) directing all intelligence activities.
  • Oversaw the creation of over 100 analog intelligence products, providing troops with the necessary level of detail to plan their operations effectively.
  • Assisted in the integration of TF Blue Watch personnel with TF Southwest, supporting the identification of insider threats within the Joint Operations Area (JOA).
  • Served in the Brigade S2 (Intelligence) targeting cell during Panther Strike, rapidly developing targeting packets on short notice and being an invaluable asset during the high-tempo exercise.
  • Reviewed three time-sensitive and high-value targets, making timely decisions that led to the capture of all three targets.
  • Conducted research on search and rescue operations within 5 miles of the NBZ (No Build Zone), delivering two viable rescue options and contributing to a successful operation.
  • Served as the HCT (Human Collection Team) team leader during the 504th MI BDE (Military Intelligence Brigade) deployment to Afghanistan, ensuring soldiers understood their responsibilities and enhancing readiness.
  • Coordinated a plan to execute mission essential SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) renovations valued at $50,000, obtaining facility accreditation for TS-SCI (Top Secret-Sensitive Compartmented Information).
  • Developed a plan to ensure proper security protocol was followed, improving the physical security of 42 arms rooms and three additional secured rooms in the Brigade.
  • Created new Brigade Personnel and Physical Security programs, mitigating insider threats and resulting in zero serious violations.
  • Developed the threat briefs for the Battalion’s Iron Blitz Field Training Exercise, playing a vital role in the battalion’s success.
  • Analyzed and effectively distributed intelligence information, ensuring our forces were situationally aware and always prepared.
  • Supported the Cougar Reach mission, utilizing knowledge of the Area of Responsibility (AOR) and equipment capabilities to aid in the exploitation of over 200 insurgent communications.
  • Led a 6-man team in the processing, exploitation, and dissemination of insurgent communications, resulting in XX enemies killed in action.
  • Monitored, translated, and disseminated intercepted insurgent communications, preventing the execution of over 90 enemy offensive operations.
  • Provided consistent and accurate research and analysis for Joint Force Commanders, facilitating rapid and critical decision making.
  • Conducted multiple Source Meets and produced numerous Intelligence Information Reports, providing knowledgeable responses to TF Gunner’s and TF Ready First’s Priority Intelligence Requirements.
  • Supported the Joint Debriefing Team at Bagram Air Field, gathering significant intelligence and ensuring the timely distribution of time-sensitive reports to the warfighters.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of combat operations, providing TF Commanders with an elevated sense of situational awareness and making him an indispensable MI (Military Intelligence) asset.
  • Oversaw and ensured the timely completion of administrative duties for the 229th MI BN UMC (Unit Movement Coordinator), reducing movement problems by 25%.
  • Produced numerous products in support of theater-level training as a mission manager, improving training for incoming service members.
  • Developed a variety of training aids in support of SMO 1 (Senior Medical Officer 1) and the ATCAE (Army Training Center Assistance Element), positively impacting overall mission success.
  • Planned the first-ever virtual Annual Training for the 3100 SIG (Signal) unit, meeting training requirements despite limitations caused by COVID.
  • Organized and directed 14 days of intelligence training for over 40 personnel across two detachments, expanding analysis capabilities by 50%.
  • Coordinated with six ARISC (Area Support Medical Company) instructors for course content, ensuring accuracy, completeness, and customization to a virtual setting.
  • Organized virtual training rooms chronologically, allowing Soldiers to conduct practical exercises for different courses seamlessly.
  • Conducted research on enemy tactics, equipment, and capabilities, developing fighter products to equip the troops at the lowest level.
  • Provided expert guidance to five Soldiers, training them in intelligence operations to a level of proficiency that exceeded requirements.
  • Conducted HUMINT (Human Intelligence) operations that generated actionable intel information, addressing critical ARSOUTH (U.S. Army Southern Command) intelligence requirements on at least 13 occasions.
  • Cataloged over 1,500 second-phase imagery reports and over 500 imagery-derived products, ensuring CENTCOM stayed current on TBM (Theater Ballistic Missile) garrison forces and their disposition.
  • Created 19 facility target folders, providing orderly and foundational intelligence in direct support of CENTCOM targeting operations.
  • Oversaw logistics for Taiwan Immersion, coordinating with the ILO (Installation Liaison Officer) and 13 students to ensure all required travel tasks were completed.
  • Established Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for Taiwan Immersion, consolidating tasks such as passports, vaccinations, security briefings, and trainings for foreign travel, eliminating travel problems.
  • Enforced DLI (Defense Language Institute) policies daily during Taiwan Immersion, maintaining a productive immersion experience for students and ensuring their safety.
  • Created 13 IPB (Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield) products, expanding warfighting function and capabilities by creating a Common Operating Picture (COP) of the battlefield.
  • Coordinated ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) assets within our Area of Operations (AO), providing 40 hours of Full Motion Video feed that aided the S2 (Intelligence Officer) in successful FIRES (Field Artillery) missions.
  • Trained units in IED (Improvised Explosive Device) detection, emplacement, aiming, and timing, instilling vigilance and improving mission readiness.
  • Set up ACP (Access Control Point) communications, enabling effective communication between Human Intelligence Collection Teams and Company Tactical Operations Center (TOC).
  • Performed duties in the Battalion S2 shop, assisting over 500 Soldiers in maintaining their security clearances to ensure unit readiness.
  • Enrolled in and successfully completed the All-Source Production Course 1 (ASPC1), earning a grade of 100% and making significant contributions to the Section’s success.
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