• Developed comprehensive and credible processes, providing much-needed feedback to Company and Battalion leadership.
  • Conducted a Staff Assistance Visit in support of the Command Assessment Program.
  • Performed a thorough evaluation of one of the largest and most complex Battalions in USD-N (U.S. Division-North).
  • Garnered actionable findings that identified areas needing attention and facilitated rapid improvement.
  • His technical proficiency, attention to detail, and ability to work as a team contributed immeasurably to being named the “Best IG (Inspector General) office in FORSCOM (U.S. Army Forces Command).”
  • Developed the Inspection program and schedule for subordinate units and energetically conducted 12 Staff Assistance Visits across the installation, enabling administrators to effectively perform their duties.
  • Identified key areas of interest and assembled a team capable of competently evaluating them.
  • Her superior analytical skills, coupled with her excellent rapport, facilitated an impressive 100% completion rate.
  • Trained six Inspectors.
  • Selected for the Battalion Inspection Team and conducted five Staff Assistance Visits and three Inspector General inspections, detecting and fixing 11 areas of noncompliance.
  • Sergeant Meyers was selected as the subject matter expert by the group staff for all staff assistance visits within the Air Operations Group.
  • Conducted three Company inspections and recommended appropriate fix actions for all discrepancies found.
  • Identified safety hazards, created a lock-out/tag-out program, and suggested facility modification proposals to reduce the effects of potential safety mishaps.
  • Sergeant Myers was handpicked to represent 317AS (Air Squadron) during Aviation Management Staff Assistance Visits at McGuire.
  • Managed Joint Base Charleston’s Emergency Management Staff Assistance Visit program for 11 units.
  • Assisted in Joint Base Charleston’s shelter-in-place program, ensuring 100% compliance with Headquarters AMC (Air Mobility Command) standards while maintaining $2.2 million in deployable equipment and homestation response equipment.
  • Led a 12-member team through six chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear exercises to ensure readiness.
  • Prepared and executed the unit’s first-ever Multiple Major Command Staff Assistance Visit, while creating a culture of compliance that focused on process standardization.
  • Increased the number of completed inspections across the base and improved the overall efficiency of the records management program by 50%.
  • Aided in the correction of 23 Staff Assistance Visit discrepancies in preparation for the Unit Compliance Inspection, leading the unit and Battalion to an “Excellent” rating.
  • His subject matter expertise was called upon as an evaluator for multiple Logistics Staff Assistance Visits, resulting in an “Outstanding” rating for the 735th AMS (Aerial Port Squadron).
  • Performed staff assistance visits of maintenance groups across USAREUR (U.S. Army Europe) in preparation for Logistics Compliance Assessment Program inspections that resulted in Outstanding ratings for several units.
  • Administered ten Staff Assistance Visits, evaluating personnel on 64 tasks and providing technical guidance to ensure six sections met compliance standards.
  • Led the Command’s Nuclear Surety Staff Assistance Visit team, which uncovered 124 deficiencies within ten units.
  • Performed 12 staff assistance visit inspections and fixed minor issues on the spot, allowing the group to receive an “Outstanding” rating in the 2012 Combined Unit Inspection.
  • Helped the unit recover from a “Marginal” rating in the Staff Assistance Visit to a “Satisfactory” rating in the higher headquarters’ Unit Compliance Inspection with no major deficiencies in less than six months.
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