Inspector/IG Duty Descriptions

42A Assistant Inspector General

As an Assistant Inspector General for the US Army Forces Command, this individual serves a crucial role in inspecting, assessing, and investigating matters that impact the Army’s combat readiness. They provide accurate and impartial information to FORSCOM leaders and commanders, fostering unity of effort to build and sustain a combat-ready and globally responsive Total Force. The Assistant Inspector General delivers IG findings and determinations that have implications for individual careers, soldiers, and family support programs. Additionally, they contribute to the Army’s ongoing efforts to combat fraud, waste, and abuse, ensuring the efficient and effective use of resources.

NCOIC, Inspection Team

The NCOIC (Noncommissioned Officer in Charge) of the Inspection Team has the responsibility of overseeing the Internal Control Toolset for four battalions and two tenant units. They assess mission readiness and compliance, providing guidance and instruction to 22 NCOs and inspectors on policies and procedures. The NCOIC tracks 110 programs and develops metrics for assessment, conducting scheduled and unscheduled inspections. They report their findings in the IG Evaluation Management System and work to develop and provide solutions to address any identified issues. The NCOIC also tracks and updates discrepancies while providing monthly metrics to the Commander’s Inspection Management Board.


In the role of an Inspector, this individual is responsible for training and certifying members of the Inspection Team. They direct functional program managers and play a key role in developing and organizing inspection reports. The Inspector manages the Inspector General Evaluation Management System and ensures the validation, coordination, and tracking of deficiency corrective action plans until closure. They execute the Commander’s Inspection program and develop and schedule inspection plans for four battalions and subordinate units. Evaluating and validating self-assessment plans is also part of their responsibilities, ensuring compliance and identifying areas for improvement.

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