• Committed to the advancement of the Army, mission, and unit, often staying late to accomplish time-sensitive tasks with accuracy.
  • Demonstrated full support for SHARP, EO, and EEO through leadership example, treating everyone with dignity and respect in daily interactions.
  • Exemplified selfless service by sharing knowledge and expertise, enforcing Army standards, and embodying Army values on a daily basis.
  • Served as the company’s subject matter expert on all administrative actions.
  • Ensured the accuracy of 118 soldier readiness packets for Operation New Normals’ rapid deployment pace.
  • Emphasized care and ownership of equipment, resulting in no loss or damages to assigned equipment throughout the entire rating period.
  • Deployed to Poland in support of Operation New Normals, serving as the sole Human Resource Sergeant for 118 personnel in the company.
  • Selected over peers to serve as the company’s mail room representative while deployed to Poland, maintaining 100% accountability.
  • Mentored and groomed soldiers’ professional development, resulting in one soldier successfully passing the promotion board.
  • Continually sought after for technical expertise by subordinates, peers, and senior leaders, consistently sharing Human Resource knowledge with others.
  • Possessed natural leadership qualities, effectively balancing soldiers’ needs with missions and tasks without failure.
  • Instructed NCOs on the correct way to write an award, reducing the processing time of DA Form 638 for the company.
  • Trained and mentored one soldier on processing leave, awards, and administrative actions, contributing to the team’s goal achievement.
  • Trained one admin personnel on iPerms and eMilpo, increasing work center efficiency and productivity.

Senior Human Resource NCO

  • Demonstrated sound judgment as the BDE’s S1 NCOIC, justifying a significant amount of confidence in overseeing the BDE’s administrative actions.
  • Successfully implemented a process that eliminated redundancy in the required BDE reports to Division and state, resulting in accurate reporting procedures.

Human Resources Sergeant

  • Competent and organized NCO, enabling CDID to increase administrative and HR function efficiency by 30%.
  • Showed self-reliance in the absence of orders, planning and executing HR functions that reduced processing times by 20%.
  • Supported four parent organizations with HR tasks and training, qualifying over 20 soldiers on proper HR procedures.
  • Effectively managed evaluations for CDID, reducing the overdue percentage from 10% to 0% in less than 30 days.
  • Improved tracking procedures and standards within the organization, resulting in a 30% improvement in tracking personnel actions.
  • Demonstrated an unparalleled ability to multitask and handle all human resource metrics, increasing HR metrics from 80% to 98%.
  • Trained four admin personnel on iPerms and eMilpo, increasing work center efficiency and productivity by 20%.

Human Resources NCO

  • Displayed self-reliance in the absence of orders, effectively planning and executing HR core functions while meeting all suspense dates from NGB and MI.
  • Proactively resolved TRICARE, pay, and benefits issues for soldiers and their families, impacting thousands and earning the rank of #3 in the 54.
  • Led the processing of over 2,200 assignment updates in preparation for MTOE changes, contributing to multiple metrics improvement for MI.
  • Functioned at the organizational level as an E-7, performing outstandingly as the NCOIC in an extended absence.
  • Entrusted to distribute workload and prioritize HR actions for a population of over 8,300 soldiers.
  • Demonstrated inherent resilience, quickly resolving any barriers to task achievement, whether personal or professional.

Human Resources Sergeant

  • Earned commendable ratings and received laudatory comments from evaluators for FY19 and FY20 OIP.
  • Effectively communicated with staff and cadre to accomplish tasks and missions, showcasing the ability to multitask and complete objectives.
  • Trained soldiers to conduct PRT correctly during organized PT sessions, resulting in successful sessions for the sections.
  • Volunteered 60 hours for the community, enhancing the relationship between the military and civilian agencies.
  • Revised 100% of S1 trackers in her area of responsibility, providing essential tools for her replacement to accomplish the unit’s mission.
  • Continuously sought after for technical expertise, consistently sharing HR knowledge with subordinates, peers, and senior leaders.
  • Demonstrated superior knowledge of HR techniques and trained soldiers to become more efficient.
  • Spearheaded over 25 low-density training sessions, ensuring soldiers’ proficiency and competence in their assigned HR areas.
  • Mentored and groomed soldiers’ professional development, resulting in a soldier graduating Basic Leader Course and getting promoted to Sergeant.
  • Promoted a positive work environment, being an approachable and empathetic leader for personal and professional matters.
  • Trusted professional within the unit, building impeccable internal and external relationships within the organization and with the local MPD.
  • Possessed natural leadership qualities, successfully balancing soldiers’ needs with missions and tasks without failure.
  • Prioritized the commander’s goals and expectations on personal readiness, ensuring the completion of 100% of all PRR in a three-week period.
  • Ensured soldiers enrolled in college courses, with a total of 40 college credit hours completed.
  • Maintained strict accountability and serviceability of the arms room equipment valued at over $500,000 without any loss.

Senior Human Resources SGT

  • Served with distinction as the HR NCO in the battalion, overseeing the day-to-day operations of the human resources section.
  • Committed to quality in awards and ePAT actions, achieving a 100% timeliness and processing rate utilizing her vast expertise.
  • Trained and mentored four new AGR S-1 soldiers on evaluations, ePAT actions, promotions, awards, and pay actions.
  • Competence and close attention to detail proved to be an asset in cross-level training, increasing the S1’s effectiveness by 25%.
  • Created and enforced strict accountability of all administrative actions within the S1, ensuring prompt and reliable service.
  • Coordinated with first sergeants within the battalions to ensure readiness, demonstrating honesty and dedication as a selfless leader.
  • Effectively managed the evaluations for the battalion, improving the overall overdue percentage from 16.0% to 1.8% or lower.
  • Utilized all available resources to accomplish assigned missions, consistently producing concrete results.
  • Possessed unparalleled ability to multitask and achieve outstanding results, increasing the medical percentage from 75% to 86.5%.
  • Her leadership, expertise, and high standards had a profound impact on the HQ’s ability to function effectively over the period.
  • Trained staff and unit members on human resources programs, resulting in a significant increase in efficiency and productivity.
  • Served as the subject matter expert during monthly USRs, teaching and mentoring six AGR S-1s on conducting USRs correctly.

Human Resources Sergeant

  • Recognized twice by FORSCOM for contributing to the BDE’s recognition as the Best S1 DD93/SGLV, scoring above 99.85.
  • Created job aids, tools, and other materials to train soldiers in the use of new forms, reports, and procedures disseminated from Human Resource Command Headquarters.
  • Trained soldiers on casualty operations during NTC, completing over 200 casualty packets without errors, instilling confidence in them for deployment.
  • Corrected and processed over 165 NCOERs with a 100% on-time rating to HRC, resulting in the only unit in the brigade without any late NCOERs.
  • Conducted weekly Unit Manning Report scrubs with six troop 1SGs, enabling the unit to effectively request and fill MOS shortages prior to deployment.
  • Reviewed and processed over 1,300 pay transactions and 100 personnel actions, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.
  • Task-oriented and detail-minded, consistently completing assignments to the fullest while making sound and thoughtful decisions.

Human Resources Specialist

  • Trained staff and unit members on Sidpers and iPerms, significantly increasing efficiency and productivity in processing actions.
  • Provided customer service to 18 TDA units and 5 PSDR units, serving one of the largest customer service bases in USAREUR with over 22,800 customers.
  • Served with distinction as the HRNCO in Headquarters Platoon, overseeing the day-to-day operations of the human resources section for the 308th Military Police Company.
  • Helped develop and implement a unit-wide sick call and tracking systemthat is now a standard for the Task Force.
  • Utilized external resources to enhance and improve the overall effectiveness of the Rest and Recuperation (R&R) tracking system, including each of the 308th housing units within the Detention Facility In Parwan (DFIP).
  • Always ready on short notice to assist in Common Task Training, weapon qualification, driver and escort train-up, and Sergeants Time Training.
  • Improved the R&R tracking system, allowing each housing unit to track soldiers’ leave departures and returns, facilitating better planning and foresight for any shortages.
  • Effectively managed all HHC orderly room operations, directly impacting the company’s readiness and mission accomplishment.
  • Assisted in the creation of NCO evaluation reports, medical, award, and promotion tracking modules.
  • Developed and implemented a plan that successfully transitioned the Mail Distribution Center to NCRCC without missing a delivery.
  • Created tracking modules that facilitated the easy transfer of current posture to the relief team.
  • Implemented the only leave-by-housing-unit tracker on the LSA, enabling Guard Force Commanders to manipulate their DA-6 in real-time based on daily manning changes.
  • Personally ensured that each of his soldiers was intimately familiar with the purpose, employment, and operation of all Data Systems within the HR Arena.
  • Competence and close attention to detail proved to be an asset in cross-level training, increasing the S1’s effectiveness by 50%.
  • Productively ensured the completion of over 453 Family Separation Requests while deployed, without any deficiencies.
  • Created and enforced strict accountability of all administrative documents within the S1, ensuring prompt and reliable service for over 800 soldiers in the Battalion.

Administrative NCOIC

  • Organized and prepared the unit for redeployment and reintegration into the central region after a 15-month deployment, maintaining zero loss of accountability.
  • Coordinated and submitted the daily status report and JPERSTAT with exceptional accuracy.
  • Maintained administrative data for 76 soldiers assigned to Delta Battery from three different services.
  • Demonstrated dedication by refusing mid-tour leave and contributing numerous off-duty hours to ensure timely completion of tasks.
  • Selected as the Financial Obligation Officer, ensuring proper accounting and expenditure of funds in accordance with regulations.
  • Served as the acting Battalion Senior Human Resource NCO, training four new Battery Admin NCOs and ensuring uninterrupted battalion operations.
  • Processed 120 Red Cross Messages in support of deployed members.
  • Kept the Commander up to date with Personnel Accountability, maintaining accurate records of personnel status.
  • Facilitated the deployment of 355 fully equipped and administratively prepared troops.

Executive Assistant

  • Flawlessly executed a $400K directorate travel budget, providing invaluable fiscal flexibility to the leadership.

Human Resources NCO

  • Developed and implemented an awards program that ensured thousands of overdue service awards were properly added to the records of eligible soldiers.
  • Provided excellent support to the Squadron’s sponsorship program, assigning sponsors to 100% of incoming soldiers.

Schools NCO

  • Established the Brigade’s first Schools and DTMS programs, enhancing the educational opportunities for soldiers.
  • Managed the Master Cooperative Agreement Program in addition to regular duties, effectively coordinating training opportunities.
  • Developed, implemented, and monitored a comprehensive Brigade schools allocation table, ensuring efficient use of training resources.
  • Successfully executed WLT, Sergeant’s Time Training, and EFMB task training, resulting in qualifications for 10 soldiers in WLT and 4 soldiers earning EFMB.
  • Maximized the utilization of available MACOM allocations, achieving 120% utilization of available slots.
  • Planned and executed the assignment of schools, weapon ranges, and pre-deployment training requirements for three subordinate units within the Battalion.
  • Placed over 3,000 soldiers into over 100 different Army schools, facilitating their professional development.
  • Worked closely with the Chain of Command and Barracks Management to ensure timely and adequate billeting for all soldiers upon arrival.

Human Resources Specialist

  • Coordinated and submitted the daily status report and JPERSTAT with unprecedented accuracy, ensuring timely and accurate reporting.
  • Stepped up to take on extra responsibilities and duties, contributing to the team’s overall success.
  • Demonstrated dedication by putting in long hours and managing critical programs effectively, despite being junior in rank.
  • Reviewed over 3,000 Medical Evaluation Board packets with high accuracy, contributing to the section’s efficiency.
  • Became proficient in required payroll systems and processed three pay documents, boosting unit morale.
  • Transferred all the Battalion’s 201 files to the iPERM filing system within 30 days of arrival, increasing productivity.
  • Processed administrative paperwork in a timely manner, facilitating the promotion of fellow soldiers.
  • Maintained strict accountability and reporting for 93 soldiers, twice daily.
  • Prepared a 100% accurate alert roster for the unit, significantly improving accountability.
  • Trained and mentored a soldier to assist with unit personnel and administrative actions, supporting the mobilizations of five units.
  • Deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom with the 222d Broadcast Operations Detachment.
  • Compiled and maintained 100% accountability of all members’ personnel records, including cross-leveled soldiers, as the unit prepared for deployment.
  • Selected as the Battalion mail room clerk, maintaining 100% accountability outside of MOS responsibilities.
  • Supervised the company’s efforts to ensure smooth transit through the Kuwait gateway and in and out of Iraq.
  • Assisted in the DEMOB of 22 UICs, evaluating, repairing, and storing equipment for immediate redeployment.
  • Tracked and processed all unit leaves while maintaining a 90% manning rate.
  • Coordinated with active and Reserve component agencies, achieving great success in unit operations.
  • Completed five Mobile Postal Missions to austere locations, ensuring 100% mission completion.

Mail Clerk

  • Spearheaded numerous improvements in the post office, reducing manual labor and earning commendation from the Battalion CSM.
  • Managed the Arifjan mail program, securing, maintaining, and distributing over 5,000 packages, significantly boosting soldier morale.
  • Contributed to the distribution of over 3,000 pieces of mail to the unit during Operation Iraqi Freedom.
  • Successfully transitioned the Mail Distribution Center to NCRCC without missing a delivery, ensuring uninterrupted mail service.
  • Devoted personal time to ensure soldiers on the night shift received their mail, providing exceptional soldier support.
  • Maintained discreet and private mail service for all unit members.
  • Managed the postal volunteer program, training 25 soldiers and family members, reducing wait times by 50%.
  • Processed 10,000 pounds of bulk mail, making it available to patrons within 24 hours, surpassing DoD standards.
  • Supervised self-inspection, identifying and correcting discrepancies, ensuring readiness for upcoming inspections.
  • Relocated the DoD’s largest post office in less than 24 hours, maintaining 100% accountability of 30,000 pounds of mail and packages.
  • Assigned as the mail room supervisor due to demonstrated integrity, reducing lost and undelivered mail rates by 50%.
  • Identified and eliminated opportunities for theft, increasing mail delivery rate to 95%.
  • Implemented an effective detachment-level mail storage facility, improving accountability and distribution of personal mail and parcels.
  • Supervised the Battalion mail room for 900 soldiers.
  • Coordinated and distributed over 12,000 pallets of mail during the holidays, ensuring every soldier received their mail and boosting morale.

Human Resources Specialist

During SGT Young’s tenure as a Human Resources Specialist, they demonstrated exceptional proficiency in JPERSTAT accounting, effectively managing the records of more than 2,800 personnel. Additionally, SGT Young played a pivotal role in instructing subordinate battalion S1s on the precise methods of reporting personnel data. Their direct responsibilities encompassed the efficient reception and distribution of the IRR Soldiers upon their arrival in the theater of operations.

  • Successfully managing the Colonel’s schedule and speaking engagements during three Public Affairs Symposiums.
  • Collaborating with the Colonel in representing Reserve Public Affairs at three Public Affairs Leadership Meetings by developing agendas, position papers, and delivering impactful presentations.
  • Developing and presenting compelling presentations that advocated for reducing the deployment duration of Reserve public affairs IA from 12 months to six months.
  • Contributing to Operation Iraqi Freedom and supporting the 222d Broadcast Operations Detachment during deployment in Iraq.
  • Maintaining impeccable accountability for all personnel records, including cross-leveled Soldiers, as the unit prepared for deployment.
  • Exceeding expectations by assuming the responsibility of Bn mailroom clerk, a duty outside of SGT Young’s MOS, and maintaining 100% accountability.
  • Providing effective supervision to ensure the smooth transit of all Company’s Soldiers through the Kuwait gateway and facilitating their safe arrival in and departure from Iraq.
  • Assisting in the DEMOB process of 22 UICs, including evaluating, repairing, and storing equipment to ensure immediate redeployment readiness.
  • Efficiently tracking and processing unit leaves while maintaining a commendable 90% manning rate.
  • Establishing successful coordination with active and Reserve component agencies, leading to significant achievements.
  • Undertaking and successfully completing five Mobile Postal Missions to challenging and remote locations, overcoming unsecured terrain, and achieving a flawless 100% mission completion rate.
  • Organizing and providing comprehensive Public Affairs coverage for multiple Brigade-level Change of Command ceremonies and three major command events.
  • Spearheading the implementation of the Pass and Leave program within the BCT, effectively coordinating the flow of Soldiers in and out of the theater.
  • Processing over 1,000 End of Tour awards for DSTB and attached units, ensuring that 95% were delivered on time.
  • Demonstrating exceptional attention to detail by devoting more than 500 hours to checking DCS checklists for all units, resulting in the accuracy of over 3,000 DCS checklists.
  • Exemplifying the Warrior Ethos by consistently prioritizing the mission and completing all administrative requirements before deployment.
  • Displaying unwavering dedication by putting in long hours and managing critical projects effectively, despite being of junior rank.
  • Successfully clearing 275 Soldiers through the Soldier Readiness Center, ensuring their readiness for assigned duties.
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