Human Resources Specialist

  • SGT Young ensured that all files were meticulously organized in accordance with the Army Records Information Management System and The Total Army School System Accreditation Standards.
  • With exceptional efficiency, SGT Young tracked and processed over 150 unscheduled leaves and passes, maintaining an impressive 99% manning rate.
  • SGT Young successfully managed the administrative and logistic requirements for four teams both downrange and at CLDJ.
  • Organizing, storing, and maintaining over 12 months’ worth of AIM/Mission reports from four different JCATs, SGT Young demonstrated excellent attention to detail.
  • SGT Young flawlessly completed over 110 leave packets for Soldiers going on R&R, ensuring no delays or scheduling failures.
  • Ensuring the smooth operation of the Albanian OCS Course, SGT Young provided prompt and reliable service to 32 officer candidates and 14 instructors.
  • SGT Young played a key role in assisting with the unit’s birth month audits for over 120 Soldiers, achieving a remarkable 100% accuracy rate.
  • With dedication, SGT Young contributed to the distribution of over 3,000 pieces of mail to the unit during Operation Iraqi Freedom.
  • Maintaining strict accountability, SGT Young ensured the meticulous handling of all administrative documents within the S1.
  • SGT Young provided valuable assistance to the Southern Division in fulfilling ongoing and future mission requirements by ensuring the readiness of mission-ready Soldiers.

Operations Clerk

  • With efficiency, the Operations Clerk executed over 1,100 IPERMS requests, ensuring the command met the suspense for transferring hard copy 201 files to digital records.
  • Diligently monitoring six high-visibility programs, the Operations Clerk ensured that 100% of personnel remained on schedule and in compliance.
  • Through streamlining the budget, the Operations Clerk ensured the timely obligation and expenditure of funds.
  • The Operations Clerk implemented 18 filing systems for the Battalion, reducing overlap and duplication of effort.
  • Skillfully organizing and maintaining Executive Assistance level functions for the G1, the Operations Clerk ensured smooth operations.
  • Keeping personnel up to date with training and administrative information, the Operations Clerk played a crucial role in maintaining readiness.
  • With an overall accuracy rate of 98%, the Operations Clerk successfully processed over 250 reclassification orders, achieving the best result in the directorate.
  • Maintaining essential records such as Battalion and Company training slides, APFT cards, weapons cards, training schedules, and DTMS, the Operations Clerk contributed to the smooth functioning of operations.
  • Excelling in inspections, the Operations Clerk received five out of five inspections with four Greens and one Amber, surpassing expectations without prior training.
  • The Operations Clerk coordinated, supervised, and prepared daily status reports, mail distribution, officer candidate evaluations, training schedules, and all leaves and passes.
  • Demonstrating strong organizational skills, the Operations Clerk created suspense control documents and effectively managed active control of suspense files.
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