Honor Guard Duty Descriptions

Division Honor Guard Platoon Sergeant

As the Platoon Sergeant for the Division Honor Guard, this individual assumes leadership responsibilities for the platoon. They oversee and actively participate in various division ceremonial tasks both on and off the post. The Platoon Sergeant takes charge of coordinating all Division Honor Guard special events and Welcome Home Ceremonies. Their role encompasses planning, coordinating, and supervising the employment of the different sections within the Honor Guard. They also ensure the issuance of Honor Guard equipment to units and members. A crucial aspect of their duties is the supervision of training for the Honor Guard Platoon, with a focus on Drill and Ceremonies.

Honor Guard Sergeant

In the capacity of an Honor Guard Sergeant, this individual serves as a coordinator and active participant in services such as funerals, retirement ceremonies, and military functions across the Southeast region. They conduct rehearsals to maintain the highest level of proficiency, delivering solemn and professional services. The Honor Guard Sergeant upholds the drill capability of the command, ensuring precision and excellence in their performances. They also file After Action Reports to reflect on the proceedings and identify areas of improvement. Additionally, they bear the responsibility of maintaining and accounting for all assigned equipment, which holds a value exceeding $500,000.

Honor Guard NCOIC

The Honor Guard NCOIC (Noncommissioned Officer in Charge) represents the Army at various events, including professional sporting events, retirements, and funerals. They supervise the members of the Honor Guard team, providing guidance and oversight. The NCOIC conducts interviews with prospective Honor Guard members and facilitates training in ceremonial guard procedures, which encompass military funerals, parading of colors, and passing of the flag. They also extend their support to the Joint Casket Team for Andrews AFB. Furthermore, the Honor Guard NCOIC assumes responsibility for the discipline, morale, health, and welfare of the Honor Guard Platoon, ensuring a high standard of performance and well-being.

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