• He achieved a score of 902 and qualified all 10 engagements during the annual training period for tank gunnery table six.
  • He successfully created a well-synchronized team with a newly formed crew during this training year, and they performed superbly.
  • Serving as a gunner during table VI gunnery, he achieved a score of 936 out of a possible 1000 points, qualifying as distinguished.
  • He demonstrated flawless performance during the 1-52 Aviation door gunnery, surpassing all standards.
  • He provided instruction to others in the company on proper Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services (PMCS) and operation of the MAT-V, contributing to the unit’s success during the company gunnery validation and live fire.
  • He implemented a CH-47 Door Gunnery training plan based on the unit’s Mission Essential Task List (METL), resulting in the unit achieving a first-time pass on aerial door gunnery.
  • He skillfully operated as an M203 grenadier and .50 cal gunner during team, section, and platoon live fires, and his crew achieved a distinguished qualification at Gunnery.
  • Serving as an M2 HBMG Gunner for un-stabilized Gunnery Table VI, he effectively identified, engaged, and destroyed targets decisively.
  • His dedication to crew rehearsals greatly contributed to the Apache 28 crew earning a perfect score of one thousand and achieving the Top Gun award in 1st ABCT 3ID.
  • He ensured accurate accountability, delivery, breakdown, sorting, and return of ammunition, supporting the needs of supported units.
  • Serving as a Stryker Driver, he achieved a “Distinguished” qualification on the MK19 with a score of 904 out of a possible 1000.
  • He evaluated numerous Individual, Mission, and Collective training events, effectively preparing soldiers for combat in any theater of operation.
  • He trained and evaluated 11 vehicle crews consisting of 34 soldiers, achieving an overall final rating of GO with a score of 100%.
  • He provided support to 23 separate ranges, including ammo delivery, pick-up, and distribution during the range, without error.
  • He exceeded standards, and his vehicle crew achieved a Distinguished rating, hitting nine T’s during Stryker gunnery.
  • His support and enthusiastic participation significantly enhanced the unit’s overall ability to complete the Palehorse Q1FY21 Gunnery.
  • He qualified 13 crew chiefs on the M240H on Tables 1-4, 6-8, and 10 during the company’s day and night vision goggle (NVG) aerial gunnery range deployment to PTA.
  • He resolved communication issues and ensured the completion of the company’s mission, resulting in successful qualification of Bradley gunnery table VI for all crews.
  • He demonstrated well-rehearsed efficiency, contributing to the effectiveness and success of his crew, which received an overall distinguished rating during mounted TOW gunnery.
  • He monitored over 75 Soldiers on the Bradley Range during extreme temperatures, taking a proactive approach to safety and preventing any heat casualties during Bradley Gunnery.
  • Serving as a .50 Cal gunner for un-stabilized Gunnery Table VI, he played a key role in his crew qualifying with distinguished honors.
  • He led the Battalion CBRN RECCE Platoon through CROWS (Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station) training, enhancing lethality within the section and preparing them for challenging gunnery events.
  • He earned a “Superior” qualification rating on each of the three tank gunnery qualifications.
  • He led his crew to excel in the recent NTC rotation and a live-fire demonstration for the Secretary of the Army.
  • Simultaneously holding positions as Company Master Gunner and Platoon Sergeant during the Battalion’s first structured Heavy Brigade Combat Team (HBCT) stabilized gunnery, he reduced training delays by 50%.
  • His skill and competency as a driver for his crew’s vehicle significantly contributed to the success of Crew 1, 2PLT, on Gunnery Tables VI and VII.
  • He instructed Crew-Served Weapons Preventive Maintenance Inspections (PMI) on all platforms, ensuring that the entire platoon achieved 100% qualification during Truck Gunnery.
  • He scored higher than all 18 MK19 crews within 2-1 IN Battalion, outperforming them and setting the stage for success in future Attack Company operations.
  • He provided 60 hours of CFLX (Combined Field Training Exercise) range operations to support Battalion gunnery, resulting in five crews achieving Distinguished grades and all crews receiving a GO.
  • He enabled his crew to obtain scores above 950/1000 for both gunnery tables, earning the top rating of “Distinguished” and achieving recognition as the top-performing crew in the company.
  • He worked with 13 gunnery crews and three other companies in the Battalion to troubleshoot vehicle radio systems, successfully restoring communication and range operations 15 and 16.
  • He worked outside his Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) to assist with generator maintenance, ensuring sustained electrical power for the Battalion’s Tactical Operations Center during Gunnery.
  • He instructed aerial gunnery for over 120 flight hours, resulting in the safe and successful qualification of all non-rated crew members in the company.
  • Serving as a Radio Tower Control operator for AH-64 Longbow aircraft pilots, he ensured their safe landing on the Forward Arming and Refueling Point during the Viper Battalion’s Gunnery Exercise.
  • He assembled and trained an RSOP (Range Support Operations) team, enabling rapid deployment to the site and ensuring the successful completion of Table VIII Gunnery.
  • He provided 24-hour security as the security element for the 1-10 FA Gunnery at Bani Rabia Range, facilitating the completion of Table VIII training for Alpha and Bravo Battery.
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