Force Protection NCO Duty Descriptions

Force Protection NCO The Force Protection NCO serves in a deployed Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom VI. With an assigned strength of over 1,400 Soldiers, their primary responsibility is ensuring the overall protection and security of two dining facilities that cater to an average of 20,000 patrons daily. They oversee a separate guard force responsible for safeguarding the Post Exchange and surrounding businesses. The Force Protection NCO supervises force protection elements, identifies and mitigates risks and weaknesses within the battalion’s area of responsibility, and coordinates and oversees small arms range operations for nine subordinate companies. They are also responsible for ordering ammunition, targetry, and supplies to support future range operations.

Force Protection NCO In this role, the Force Protection NCO assists, inspects, and advises the Commander on Force Protection requirements. They review security measures for all critical facilities and assets within the installation. Conducting inspections of areas designated as critical, they identify operational threats and vulnerabilities. The Force Protection NCO develops a mission-essential or vulnerable area (MEVA) list and performs vulnerability assessments of critical areas. They apply risk analysis procedures in accordance with Army regulations and ensure that appropriate antiterrorism and force protection standards are met. Continual reassessment of assets and vulnerabilities is conducted, and Force Protection resources are prioritized accordingly.

Force Protection Officer The Force Protection Officer serves as the principal staff officer responsible for Anti-Terrorism and Force Protection measures within the command. They provide advice to the commander regarding security measures necessary for garrison, base-camp, or unit operating locations. Tracking and identifying trends in crime activities, the Force Protection Officer crafts protection strategies that are reflected in the concept of protection included in the base order and appropriate annexes. They recommend necessary changes to courses of action (COA) to reduce vulnerability. Additionally, the Force Protection Officer coordinates with various staff sections, including the Chaplain, Surgeon, Safety, Military Police, Engineer, and Signal, to ensure comprehensive protection measures are implemented.

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