• Ensured all units received their meal rations during the Iron Strike Live Fire Exercise.
  • Maintained food supplies during field operations according to field standards, ensuring no chance of contamination.
  • Executed tasks above and beyond skill level, performing at a Specialist level.
  • Assisted in preparing meals to feed over 200 soldiers twice a day during the entire 14 days of annual training.
  • Provided support for two field exercises and over 300 soldiers, coordinating daily logistics for delivery and service.
  • Met all meal requirements during deployment despite being under 50% strength.
  • Set up the containerized kitchen and started serving meals ahead of schedule, providing hot meals in the field.
  • Calculated and distributed the battalion’s MREs (Meals Ready to Eat), ensuring all sections and detachments were fully supported.
  • Demonstrated autonomy and sound judgment by executing all Food Service assignments with little supervision.
  • Fostered a safety-conscious culture within the section, resulting in zero incidents and improved sanitary conditions.
  • Displayed mature leadership while remaining flexible and mission-focused during rapidly changing requirements of a forward-deployed CSSB (Combat Sustainment Support Battalion).
  • Staged and loaded all vehicles in the convoy prior to the first formation, ensuring proper AT (Annual Training) support.
  • Ensured proper procedures, temperatures, and time periods were adhered to during food preparation.
  • Served as a Culinary Specialist with numerous additional duties such as Rations Clerk and Admin Clerk for the Light House Dining Facility.
  • Exercised sound managerial skills in the breakout of kitchen requirements, accounting for worksheets, and supervision of daily cleanliness.
  • Helped increase customer satisfaction from 75% to 95%, demonstrating technical ability and resourcefulness.
  • Supervised all Class I operations during OEF (Operation Enduring Freedom), supporting over 400 meals twice daily despite being understaffed.
  • Trained personnel on rations accountability and subsistence procedures, decreasing DFAC (Dining Facility) account status by 37% for FY13 (Fiscal Year 2013).
  • Prepared and distributed over $1 million worth of Class I subsistence for 5 Combat Outposts during combat operations.
  • Played an instrumental role in the DFAC receiving a 96% food service rating during a Division Food Service inspection.
  • Participated in 13 logistical patrols and provided hot meals to soldiers deployed along a 19-mile pipeline.
  • Worked overtime into the early hours of Thanksgiving Day to prepare food for the meal, serving over 500 soldiers at the DFAC.
  • Set up the containerized kitchen and handled the ordering and distribution of the battalion’s MREs.
  • Played a pivotal role in the successful completion of 12 highly visible luncheons, retirement ceremonies, and promotion ceremonies.
  • Led a team of 11 culinary specialists in providing consistent five-star service to over a thousand barracks residents.
  • Provided support for 8 commands, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and numerous foreign dignitaries, consistently delivering the best possible customer service.
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