FLARNG Letter of Recommendation

MEMORANDUM THRU: [Recipient’s Name/Title]

FOR: The Adjutant General

SUBJECT: Letter of Recommendation for SGT Sample (1804)

  1. I, SFC Sample, am confidently recommending SGT Sample (1804) for retention in the FLARNG and the AGR program. I firmly believe that this is the right decision and advise the board members to support the retention of SGT Sample for the following compelling reasons.
  2. SGT Sample is an exceptional individual with a keen intellect and mature demeanor. He possesses a remarkable ability to grasp new concepts easily, retain knowledge effectively, and apply it proficiently in his daily tasks. Even under stressful circumstances, SGT Sample consistently delivers quality work, demonstrating utmost reliability. His job performance has been nothing short of outstanding. Furthermore, he exhibits excellent communication skills with both supervisors and peers, reflecting his courteous and professional conduct, which serves as an example to others.
  3. After thoroughly reviewing SGT Sample’s packet, I have come to the conclusion that his decision not to seek medical attention, despite my advice, was a mistake. He chose to prioritize his work commitments and complete pending tasks before leaving for school.
  4. My intention is to recommend probation for SGT Sample (1804) to afford him the opportunity to remain in the AGR program and the FLARNG. He is an invaluable asset to Support Company, and I strongly believe that he will continue to contribute significantly to the organization. I hope that this recommendation aligns with the intent of the FL Adjutant General as well.
  5. Please direct any inquiries or clarifications regarding this memorandum to the undersigned at 123-456-7890 or [email protected].



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