• Emphasized safety during AT 22, resulting in zero accidents or incidents during the performance of the Gunnery Event.
  • Conducted a command-directed urinalysis sweep, leading to the identification, processing, and expedited discharge of five individuals and ensuring sustained readiness.
  • Investigated resources during a family crisis, uncovering family life insurance benefits for a company member.
  • Deployed as First Sergeant for the Expeditionary Task Force, overseeing lodging, morale, and redeployment efforts for both the C130 squadron and the attached C21 flight.
  • Processed an emergency leave and two early releases, facilitating efficient and rapid administrative operations.
  • Managed the AP’s (Area of Personnel) billeting, contracts, and services for 678 personnel from various organizations, filling overlooked shortfalls and restoring operations.
  • Overhauled the AP’s billeting procedures, rewrote the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), ordered and installed pedestrian signs, and supervised two service members assigned to the office.
  • Demonstrated effective counseling skills, reclaiming the allegiance and efforts of misguided soldiers and achieving the highest reenlistment rate in the battalion.
  • Continuously warned barracks occupants about the consequences of drinking and driving, effectively preventing fatalities and mission disruptions, resulting in the lowest DUI rate in seven years.
  • Displayed proactive and inclusive counseling, guiding members toward productive and rewarding activities, minimizing opportunities for failure, and maximizing success.
  • Prepared members for deployment by meticulously reviewing private, family, and business concerns, improving readiness and morale.
  • Took control of a habitual discipline problem soldier, recommended and expedited separation, and successfully restored order and unit morale in less than 30 days.
  • Emphasized career development, resulting in 11 soldiers within the company enrolling in college courses.
  • Promoted safety and defensive driving both on and off duty, resulting in zero POV (Privately Owned Vehicle) and GOV (Government Owned Vehicle) accidents within the company, marking the best record in the battalion.
  • Successfully acted as company commander and command sergeant major during their absences, ensuring no degradation in operations or mission accomplishment.
  • Conducted comprehensive company training, leading to the company receiving a commendable rating in training during the Brigade Inspection.
  • Mandated weekend safety briefings at all levels, significantly reducing the incidence of loss or injury by 40%.
  • Conducted Noncommissioned Officer Development Program (NCODP) on NCOERs (Noncommissioned Officer Evaluation Reports) and professional development, ensuring equal and fair application of standards.
  • Executed duties with complete professionalism, producing outstanding results and excelling in every assigned and implied task.
  • Played an integral role as the First Sergeant, making a profound impact on the squadron’s ability to function effectively throughout his tenure.
  • Consistently sought out by seniors, peers, and subordinates for career advice, resulting in one airman becoming a Warrant Officer and a soldier becoming a Lieutenant.
  • Superbly managed and supported the pre-deployment training and preparation of 154 joint service members and their associated equipment for OEF (Operation Enduring Freedom) and OND (Operation New Dawn).
  • Strictly adhered to the “insist/assist” philosophy, providing a hand-up rather than a handout.
  • Implemented a rigorous Special Emphasis Physical Readiness Training (PRT) program, resulting in the removal of 12 soldiers from the Army Body Composition Program.
  • Performed an exceptionally integral role as the acting First Sergeant, making a profound impact on the unit’s ability to function effectively over the course of his tenure.
  • Created a homogeneous production environment, resulting in numerous unit commendations for excellence.
  • Maintained the highest levels of cohesion and preparedness within the unit.
  • Ensured all warriors had proper badges for assigned duties by following up on all paperwork.
  • Planned and oversaw the Brigade change of command ceremony, saving hundreds of dollars by utilizing in-house assistance.
  • Successfully balanced the duties and responsibilities of both a Company First Sergeant and Brigade Intelligence Section NCOIC, contributing to the success of the 2IBCT Brigade S2 Section.
  • Dedicated to soldier development, learning, and leadership, playing a pivotal role in the successful implementation of the Virtual Battle Assemblies for the 847th Human Resource Company.
  • Facilitated the development of Virtual Battle Assembly (VBA) training plans, enabling the adoption of new technology while maintaining standards.
  • Served two consecutive tours as a company First Sergeant within the battalion, also acting as the Commander for two Annual Training periods, preserving and sustaining readiness.
  • Maintained regular meetings with NCOICs to stay informed about personnel needs and family concerns.
  • Increased unit mobilization readiness and enhanced intelligence production support to the command.
  • Orchestrated a successful and well-attended Brigade Dining Out event with a turnout of over 200 people.
  • Supervision resulted in a yearly Individual Duty Training (IDT) attendance rate of 95% and a yearly organizational readiness rate of 92%.
  • Served as the Acting Command Sergeant Major, maintaining the readiness and cohesion of the battalion.
  • Facilitated counseling and maintained Soldier confidentiality during difficult situations until resolved.
  • Displayed maturity and judgment, preventing sensitive issues from affecting unit morale.
  • Ensured all company inventories were scheduled and completed.
  • Instituted daily inspections to guarantee all vehicles were mission-capable and ready for deployment.
  • Delivered support on time and on target, overcoming numerous obstacles.
  • Motivated battalion members to take care of their equipment, resulting in regular maintenance and reduced equipment issue delays.
  • Identified the lack of administrative support for soldiers and worked with the Commander to expand office capability.
  • Provided discipline and motivation for section leaders, eliminating personnel problems and restoring harmony within the battalion.
  • Assisted NCOICs with section management, resolving personality conflicts through intra-unit transfers and counseling.
  • Initiated the discharge process for a chronic disciplinary problem, removing the individual from the office and restoring team spirit.
  • Prosecuted barracks violations rather than ignoring them, making barracks inspections rarely necessary.
  • Assigned NCOs to mentor and develop lower enlisted and junior NCOs, monitoring their progress (35X5M).
  • Fostered open, candid, and frequent communication between command and all battalion members.
  • Ensured all personnel assigned received mandatory training.
  • Awarded the Signal Corps Bronze Order of Mercury for dedication and outstanding service as a First Sergeant in a diverse unit.
  • Organized a three-day Brigade Leadership Conference, resolving support shortfalls and formalizing tenant unit agreements for the first time.
  • Developed an events schedule for the annual conference and coordinated with dozens of outside agencies to fill all briefing slots and arrange attendance by appropriate audiences and down trace units.
  • Participated in eight gunneries and achieved distinguished status in all of them.
  • Served two consecutive tours as a company First Sergeant within the battalion, also serving as Acting Commander for two Annual Training periods.
  • Mentored and trained the Top Gun in four separate gunneries.
  • Successfully conducted five Brigade-level gunneries, directly contributing to the battalion’s 85% first-time go rate.
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