• Led his squad through the IPBC live fire course, conducting operations under simulated battle conditions with a full spectrum warfare approach.
  • Maintained 100% accountability of all sensitive items within his squad during night live fire operations, demonstrating excellent attention to detail and responsibility.
  • Executed effective combat support independently, obtaining critical information that resulted in the successful capture of numerous insurgents.
  • Demonstrated exceptional ability to train soldiers to standard, ensuring their proficiency in the practical application of their warrior skills.
  • Consistently exceeded expectations in every assignment, upholding the finest traditions of the Bushmaster unit.
  • Directed a fireteam during the first one-life phase of the operation, successfully ambushing an entire Blue Force (Blu-for) squad and surviving.
  • Led a fireteam during the second phase of the operation, effectively destroying an enemy Abrams tank and engaging enemy infantry squads in intense defensive combat.
  • Adjusted fire and tactics skillfully, successfully holding back the enemy’s frontal attack. This strategic action resulted in a one-hour delay of the enemy’s operation, allowing for a coordinated counterattack.
  • Demonstrated exceptional adaptability by completing lanes with the Columbian contingent during team-level movement training, showcasing versatility in diverse situations.
  • Trained an entire platoon on basic Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT) and Close Quarters Battle (CQB) operations in support of Operation Enduring Freedom Philippines.
  • Showed leadership ability by taking charge of the Charlie Team Leader position during the Brigade’s rotation to the Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC).
  • Taught and demonstrated room clearing techniques to his soldiers and the Malaysian Army’s 5th Royal Ranger Regiment during Operation Keris Strike, fostering joint training efforts.
  • Engaged targets while maintaining communications with peers and the unit, ensuring situational awareness and promoting team efficiency.
  • Demonstrated exceptional situational awareness and instincts, ensuring that his assigned sectors of fire were adequately covered and proper techniques were implemented.
  • Maintained the Squadron Commander’s situational awareness regarding future and past missions, combat vehicle status, power availability, and personnel status.
  • Effectively relayed time-sensitive information between higher headquarters and patrols in the sector, optimizing the deployment of limited resources.
  • Maintained current and complete situational awareness of the battery’s Area of Operation during more than 100 Advise and Assist missions.
  • Served as a member of the convoy live fire team, successfully completing two-day and two-night missions.
  • Marshalled defense when the convoy came under fire during an escort mission, terminating the threat, saving lives, and allowing the mission to continue.
  • Demonstrated exceptional leadership as a Fire Team Leader at the JRTC, effectively commanding and controlling his team, leading the platoon through challenging terrain, and successfully reaching the objective.
  • Contributed significantly to the success of missions undertaken by Second Platoon and Gator Company.
  • Demonstrated outstanding actions during Bulldog Focus, significantly enhancing operational effectiveness, and ensuring a smooth and rapid transition from the field.
  • Displayed unwavering commitment to mission accomplishment and a positive attitude, directly contributing to the successful completion of all objectives and serving as a source of motivation and inspiration for those around him.
  • Evacuated his crew after their Humvee was struck by an RPG, prioritizing their injuries before addressing his own.
  • Acquired the latest Command and Control (C2) tools during assignment to the Tactical Operations Center (TOC) and shared knowledge with the team to enhance their capabilities.
  • Assembled and trained an efficient Reconnaissance, Surveillance, and Operations (RSOP) team, leveraging expertise for rapid deployment and ensuring success in Table VIII Gunnery.
  • Handled all radio communications during Quick Reaction Force (QRF) operations outside the wire, ensuring situational awareness for all trucks and B Troop’s staff.
  • Effectively called up SITREP during a joint mission with the Afghan National Army (ANA) when the Platoon radio failed, successfully preventing an impending ambush.
  • His fireteam’s top performance in Close Quarters Battle (CQB) operations led to their selection for training a platoon on basic MOUT and CQB techniques.
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