• Demonstrated exceptional leadership as a Fire Team Leader during the Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC) rotation, effectively guiding the team and the platoon through challenging terrain to seize the objective.
  • Adjusted fire and tactics skillfully, successfully holding back the enemy’s frontal attack. This strategic action resulted in a one-hour delay of the enemy’s operation, allowing for coordinated counterattack.
  • Assembled and trained an efficient RSOP (Reconnaissance, Surveillance, and Operations) team, leveraging expertise to ensure rapid deployment and contributing to the success of Table VIII Gunnery.
  • Played a crucial role in the setup, operation, and maintenance of all equipment assigned to the Bravo Fire Support Team (FIST). Due to diligent efforts, no operational delays occurred due to equipment issues.
  • Provided valuable assistance in planning FST training and effectively executed various training programs, including Warrior Leader Tasks, Sergeant’s Time Training, Expert Field Medical Badge task training, and collective task training.
  • Successfully fulfilled the role of Fire Support Specialist alongside the primary responsibility as Third Platoon Forward Observer.
  • Displayed quick thinking and resourcefulness by calling up SITREP (situation report) when the Platoon radio failed during a joint mission with the ANA (Afghan National Army), effectively preventing an impending ambush.
  • Demonstrated unwavering commitment to mission accomplishment with a positive attitude, leading to the successful completion of all objectives and serving as an inspiration to those around him.
  • Completed training lanes with a Columbian contingent during team-level movement training, showcasing adaptability in diverse situations.
  • Created and executed concurrent training programs for other members of the Fire Support Team, meeting all demands due to meticulous preparation.
  • Devoted numerous hours to planning and training for the Fire Support Team, resulting in a commendable second-place finish in the Brigade Best FIST competition.
  • Played a vital role in defending the convoy as a member of the live fire team, effectively securing the logistics route for two-day and two-night missions.
  • Demonstrated exceptional leadership by training Soldiers to standard and ensuring their proficiency in the practical application of their Warrior Skills.
  • Displayed exceptional situational awareness and instincts, ensuring well-covered sectors of fire and implementation of proper techniques.
  • Engaged targets while maintaining continuous communications with peers and the unit, contributing to the situational awareness and overall efficiency of the Tactical Operations Center (TOC).
  • Established all FIST communications while effectively performing primary duties as a Forward Observer, greatly enhancing fire team efficiency.
  • Developed strong relationships beyond the unit, fostering a cohesive environment vital to readiness during the premobilization phase.
  • Efficiently evacuated the crew after their vehicle was struck by an RPG, assessing their injuries and coordinating aid before attending to his own injuries.
  • Exceeded standards as a fireteam during the second phase of operation, engaging and destroying an enemy Abrams tank and immobilizing enemy infantry squads in intense defensive combat.
  • Executed effective combat support, acquiring and delivering critical information that led to the capture of numerous insurgents.
  • Expertly handled all radio communications during Quick Reaction Force (QRF) operations outside the wire, ensuring situational awareness for all trucks and B Troop’s staff.
  • His actions and subsequent removal from the field significantly enhanced operational effectiveness and facilitated a smooth and swift transition.
  • His actions contributed significantly to the success of Second Platoon and Gator Company missions.
  • His fireteam’s exceptional performance in close-quarters battle (CQB) operations led to their selection for training a platoon in basic MOUT (Military Operations in Urban Terrain) and CQB techniques.
  • Demonstrated a dedication to learning the latest Command and Control (C2) tools while assigned to the Tactical Operations Center (TOC), sharing knowledge with the team to enhance capabilities.
  • Led the Fire Support Team (FST) during several Field Training Exercises (FTX) and a Battalion External Evaluation (EXEVAL), ensuring readiness and proficiency.
  • Maintained 100% accountability of all sensitive items within his squad during night live fire operations, setting an example as the only squad to achieve full accountability.
  • Maintained current and complete situational awareness of the battery’s Area of Operation during over 100 Advise and Assist missions.
  • Maintained situational awareness for future and past missions, combat vehicle, power, and personnel status as the Squadron Commander’s Executive Assistant.
  • Demonstrated strong defensive capabilities by marshaling defense when the convoy came under fire during an escort mission, effectively eliminating the threat and allowing the mission to proceed.
  • Obtained the Viper Vector 21B Laser range finder for the Battalion FIST, leading the fires brigade in fire support technology as the only FIST to be fully digital and operate a Viper Vector 21B.
  • Consistently performed above and beyond expectations in every assignment, upholding the finest Bushmaster tradition.
  • Conducted field testing for the Rockwell Collins DAGR SDA system, providing rigorous evaluation and certifying 25 soldiers from HHB (Headquarters and Headquarters Battery) on DAGR.
  • Efficiently relayed time-sensitive information between higher headquarters and patrols in the sector, optimizing the deployment of limited resources.
  • Served as the driver for the FIST HQ element while also fulfilling the role of Forward Observer, driving over 1000 miles and conducting maintenance on the Fire Support Vehicle (FSV).
  • Provided essential support to a fireteam during the first one-life phase of the operation, successfully ambushing an entire Blue Force (Blu-for) squad and surviving.
  • Taught and coached room clearing techniques to soldiers and the Malaysian Army’s 5th Royal Ranger Regiment during Operation Keris Strike, contributing to joint training efforts.
  • Trained the entire platoon on basic MOUT and CQB operations in support of Operation Enduring Freedom Philippines, enhancing operational readiness.
  • Played a crucial role in the development and execution of all company fires planning, exceeding standards and increasing overall readiness.
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