• Designed an innovative tracker for the Family Care Plan, introducing previously untracked metrics. This unique tracker contributed to a 50% increase in personnel readiness forecast.
  • Developed a comprehensive Company-level Family Care Plan binder for the battalion, establishing standardized procedures for readiness reviews.
  • Demonstrated a remarkable level of professionalism and took decisive action, resulting in improved care for Soldiers and enhanced team cohesion.
  • Assisted the Battalion Commander in maintaining an active and effective Family Readiness Group (FRG) and overall Family Readiness Program.
  • Took charge and successfully built the Detachment’s Family Support Program from scratch, achieving an impressive 90% participation rate.
  • Deployed to Joint Readiness Training Cycle 14-01 to gain deeper insights into separation issues and associated requirements.
  • Displayed exceptional confidence and rare common sense while handling situations involving Paratroopers’ Families, despite being in a position without prior experience or training.
  • Recruited a dedicated civilian FRG team, fostering a consistent and robust Family Support Network.
  • Proactively referred family members with issues or concerns to the relevant community or military resources, significantly reducing Soldier anxiety.
  • Maintained routine 100% contact with all Family members, ensuring their awareness of programs and available support.
  • Coordinated logistical support for the FRG, securing commander-approved use of government property and facilities.
  • Served as the Battalion Family Readiness Liaison, overseeing the day-to-day operations and administration of the Family Readiness Program.
  • Established contact with new Soldiers and civilian employees within 14 days of their assignment, delivering comprehensive briefings and obtaining necessary information and records.
  • Demonstrated selflessness by volunteering countless hours to support the unit’s FRG, prioritizing the Nation, the Army, and the unit above personal interests.
  • Supported numerous missions as the S1/Adjutant OC for deploying units, actively participating in various CPX training events.
  • Led a company of engineers through a challenging post-deployment period, effectively integrating deployed and stay-behind Soldiers upon their return.
  • Maintained up-to-date and accurate FRG rosters, recall rosters, and e-mail distribution lists, resulting in a 90% reduction in notification and coordination delays.
  • Provided exceptional support, ensuring effective communication and command-level care for the well-being of 200 Soldiers and their families.
  • Successfully managed the funds of 1st Brigade FRG as the Brigade Commander’s Executive Assistant.
  • Selected as the commander’s representative to provide support for the Total Army Family Program, in accordance with Army Regulation 600-20.
  • Sustained and improved the quality of life, Family readiness, and retention, fulfilling the Army’s obligations to Soldiers, civilian employees, and their Families.
  • Acted as a vital communications link between Families, Family Readiness Groups, and their leaders, significantly expanding awareness of programs and resources.
  • Provided administrative support, guidance, technical assistance, and expertise on community resources for the FRG, while facilitating referrals for all aspects of Family readiness.
  • Worked closely with the commander to ensure effective Family assistance and support.
  • Demonstrated strong leadership within the Family Readiness Group, creating an atmosphere of calmness and confidence throughout the tenure.
  • Showed unwavering dedication to the well-being of Soldiers through actions and involvement.
  • Conducted multiple training events and staff assistance visits to enhance standardization and compliance across the Brigade.
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