• Collaborated with supply and S4 personnel to coordinate the proper disposal of materials by arranging turn-in to the Defense Reutilization Management Office.
  • Assisted USARPAC in evaluating US Army Aviation facilities in Japan, enhancing safety measures and promoting standardization.
  • Successfully completed the closeout process for all Class I, II, IX accounts and facilitated the turn-in of facilities in Kuwait.
  • Oversaw the establishment of logistical operations, including the Field Ordering Officer (FOO) and Army Direct Ordering (ADO) functions.
  • Deployed to Liberia to facilitate the acquisition and construction of medical facilities, playing a vital role in preventing the spread of the Ebola virus and supporting Operation United Assistance.
  • Implemented the BDE’s inaugural facilities program, resulting in the effective tracking and completion of projects and renovations worth over $75 million. This initiative significantly improved the BDE’s operational efficiency for the next decade.
  • Demonstrated exceptional foresight by ensuring the timely completion of 39 Theater Property Equipment lateral transfers before the drawdown and the battalion’s relocation to support the enhanced Combat Aviation Brigade (eCAB).
  • Made remarkable contributions to building management by initiating an engineering assessment to reduce steam consumption, leading to annual savings of $100K for the Army.
  • Successfully completed a 19-hour Army Contracting Office Representative Course and facilitated building modifications valued at over $25,000.
  • Maintained and managed seven buildings throughout the installation, diligently identifying and rectifying 20 significant discrepancies. These efforts were instrumental in achieving a successful facility/fire safety inspection.
  • Responded promptly to five facility chemical spills, coordinating effective cleanup measures to mitigate damage. Furthermore, implemented preventive measures to minimize the likelihood of future incidents.
  • Demonstrated environmental consciousness by thoroughly scrutinizing the waste disposal program, identifying unmonitored spills, and taking corrective actions. These initiatives resulted in the facility being rated as “Outstanding.”
  • Developed and fostered exceptional working relationships with other base maintenance agencies, significantly improving mission support through effective collaboration.
  • Conducted monthly inspections of fire extinguishers, ensuring their visibility and functionality. Additionally, ensured that all exits were fully operational and unobstructed, thereby promoting fire safety and readiness.
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