• Supervised clerical and human resources operations for an entire Battalion of over 16,000 soldiers, achieving 100% compliance with Directorate Of Information Management (DOIM) for the first time in Battalion history.
  • Worked to enrich others and shared technical and tactical knowledge with subordinates and peers, resulting in improvements in all tangible readiness metrics.
  • Served as Acting Commander for HHC 103rd Brigade Engineer Battalion for six months, maintaining standards, enforcing discipline, and sustaining readiness.
  • Demonstrated self-development and set an example for all soldiers, NCOs, and officers, earning the respect of soldiers and leaders at all levels.
  • Led the battalion through successful disaster responses to Hurricanes Matthew, Irma, and Michael, and reinstated a warfighter focus through rigorous field training.
  • Collaborated with the BDE S3 shop to develop HHD’s 5-year training plan, incorporating changes that reduced reliance on outside agencies and saved over $100,000 per year.
  • Provided the necessary experience to ensure the unit met the timeline to complete the operation, achieving mission success while sustaining regular scheduled training.
  • Created the required documentation, processed, and turned in over $2 million worth of excess Brigade equipment without any losses, recovering over $233,000 in unit funds.
  • Led a senior Brigade staff through a challenging Annual Training period with elements scattered throughout Fort Indiantown Gap, guiding participating units to success.
  • Implemented the most effective company-level training program within the Battalion, surpassing all benchmarks of strength management during tenure as Company Commander.
  • Supported two unscheduled and unexpected Distinguished Visitor missions, including the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Land Forces leadership, restoring joint operations.
  • Delegated effectively, reducing the workload in the HQ section while simultaneously empowering team leaders across the unit.
  • Oversaw two state mobilizations and multiple training events during TY 2020, employing a mission-first approach that increased unit proficiency in less than 12 months.
  • Led a headquarters company command through significant pre-mobilization challenges, overcoming various obstacles to achieve 94% readiness.
  • Leveraged the talents of a diverse team of civilians and soldiers, increasing integration of effort and productivity by 30%.
  • Led a company of engineers through a difficult post-deployment period, successfully integrating deployed and stay-behind soldiers upon their return.
  • Demonstrated a strong leadership presence among the Family Readiness Group, establishing and maintaining a sense of stability and calmness throughout tenure as Commander.
  • Led soldiers with extraordinary integrity and never shied away from a challenge, grooming them for success.
  • Implemented an effective physical fitness program, achieving a 100% pass rate for the unit in both the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) and Army Height/Weight standards.
  • Embodied professionalism and commitment to the mission by ensuring soldiers under supervision were accounted for, fit for duty, and met Army standards.
  • Collaborated with USARCENT G37 and the 77th Combat Aviation Brigade, facilitating the arrival and integration of over 150 participating Coalition troops.
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