• As the Program Manager, I effectively oversaw 200 escorts, facilitating 450 hours of contractor work, safeguarding $100M in government assets, and saving $150K in contractor fees.
  • I acted as a security escort, streamlining and facilitating visits by outside agencies.
  • Recognized as the best escort, I protected operations by preventing access or observation by unauthorized personnel.
  • I provided security for Operation Atlantic Resolve training, playing a crucial role in the successful training of both nations.
  • I enforced security protocols during a 5-month construction project, effectively preventing the compromise of classified material.
  • I assumed responsibility for security, allowing the team to focus on day-to-day work with confidence.
  • As a team player, I willingly accepted escort duties, even though I was over-qualified, and excelled at access management.
  • I embraced an unpopular duty of escorting contractors during an upgrade, resulting in an increased ability to work, and the project concluded ahead of schedule.
  • As a security escort, I identified overlooked gaps in security and actively participated in their resolution, significantly enhancing OPSEC.
  • I reviewed and revised security escort procedures, leading to the same efficient surveillance with half the number of soldiers.


  • I performed escort duties during the 101st ABN change of command, upholding military tradition.
  • I escorted spouses during a graduation dinner, greatly improving morale for squadron’s military members and families.
  • I worked as an escort and liaison with civilian media, facilitating visits and introductions to key personnel.
  • As the ranking NCO, I displayed bravery by leaving the security of my vehicle while under fire, and safely escorted VIPs out of the contact area.


  • I was selected as a military escort for the deceased, serving as a representative of the U.S. Army, ensuring dignity and respect during the transfer of remains.
  • I acted as a liaison between the Army, airline representatives, the family, and the family’s funeral director, ensuring that all tasks were planned for.
  • I demonstrated compassion and maintained a respectful behavior, providing support to grieving next of kin and recognition for the fallen.
  • In a role supporting one of the most psychologically sensitive human conditions, I executed my duties with professionalism, reflecting credit upon myself and the Army.
  • I represented the military while safeguarding and delivering the remains of two soldiers, providing long-term reassurance to the family.
  • I helped the next of kin, family, and friends cope with the loss, and the emotional interaction and support will be of long-term benefit to the families.
  • I maintained a dignified demeanor during escort duties, refraining from discussing the circumstances of death and focusing on the deceased member’s positive contributions.
  • I arranged food and lodging in advance to avoid inconveniencing the family, and voluntarily attended the funeral service in uniform to render further respect.
  • I accompanied the soldier’s remains from the funeral home, in the hearse, with the funeral director, and maintained vigilance until the burial service was completed.
  • I accompanied the remains from the port mortuary facility to the air carrier, staying with the deceased until they were properly transferred to the carrier.
  • I accompanied the remains from the place of death to the designated place for final interment, representing the Army with loyalty, honor, and compassion.
  • I safeguarded the remains and shielded the coffins from public view during transfers, demanding respect and proper honors for fallen warriors.
  • I coordinated with the Honor Guard detail and funeral staff at the destination to transfer the casket from the aircraft to the hearse, maintaining solemn dignity throughout.
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