• I wholeheartedly embraced the role of primary EO Advisor, coordinating numerous ethnic and special observances, as well as instructing the Equal Opportunity Leaders Course.
  • I created and promoted recreational activities to commemorate minority observances and celebrate diversity at Kandahar Airfield.
  • By leading by example and encouraging equal treatment and opportunity for all soldiers, the climate assessment indicated improved morale and increased understanding and support for Army policies.
  • I ensured the smooth operation of the Equal Opportunity programs for both the 214th CBS-T and all subordinate and sister units.
  • I provided support for the implementation of the Knowledge Management Committee, which organized the 214th CBS-T portal used by the downtrace and associate units.
  • I served as a regular member on the 214th CBS-T awards board, reviewing awards command-wide and presenting over 140 awards.
  • I developed and conducted in-processing briefings for newly arrived soldiers.
  • I provided policy letters and guidance to units in the downtrace and outside of the 214th for establishing EO boards.
  • As the EO Advisor for the Joint Sustainment Command, Afghanistan, I fostered an atmosphere of understanding, trust, and tolerance.
  • I encouraged subordinates to remain mindful of the Army’s EEO, Diversity, and Anti-Harassment policies and to report acts of discrimination.
  • I successfully created, administered, and reviewed command climate surveys for the 388th med bn and downtrace units.
  • I conducted focus group sessions to enhance communication and promote unit cohesion.
  • I led classes on preventing/recognizing sexual harassment, equal opportunity, consideration of others, perception, and communication, ensuring an EO-friendly environment for all soldiers.
  • I worked with the EO Advisor to ensure current regulations and policies were readily available to the soldiers.
  • By leading by example, I fostered the most united team in the Battalion, resulting in the least reported EO incidents in the division.
  • I established the 214th CBS-T Equal Opportunity presence throughout Southern Afghanistan as the Division Equal Opportunity Advisor.
  • I encouraged and practiced exemplary Equal Opportunity principles, contributing to the high morale of the section.
  • I was recognized as a proactive specialist in equal opportunity and diversity, admired for maintaining high standards and fair treatment.
  • I relayed the platoon’s deep concerns to the chain of command, cleared up misunderstandings, and improved morale.
  • I provided outstanding diversity management training to over 130 Officers and NCOs during the Equal Opportunity Leader’s Course.
  • I received commendation from the Commanding General for planning and executing an exceptional Women’s Equality Day Observance, which increased awareness of women’s contributions.
  • I worked collaboratively with eight unit EO Advisors and four EOLs to ensure current regulations and policies were readily available, ensuring standards and procedures were enforced.
  • I spearheaded the company’s EO program, utilizing my extensive knowledge to increase cultural awareness within the unit and maintain a high state of morale and readiness.
  • I strengthened the work climate and morale by promoting good order and discipline.
  • I organized and oversaw the unit’s Asian American celebration, promoting knowledge and understanding of racial diversity.
  • I led by example and encouraged equal treatment and opportunity for all section members.
  • The results of the climate assessment demonstrated improved morale and increased understanding and support for Army policies.
  • I ensured exceptional conduct of the crew during two deployments, promoting favorable international relations.
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