Entry Control Point (ECP) Duty Descriptions

Sergeant of the Guard, Installation Access Control Point (IACP)

The individual served as a Sergeant of the Guard at the Installation Access Control Point (IACP). Their primary responsibility was to control the access of vehicles, visitors, and pedestrians into military installations. They screened employees, visitors, and contractor personnel to determine their eligibility for entry onto the installation, denying access to unauthorized individuals or those who did not meet the authorized entry criteria. They were authorized to make instantaneous decisions regarding the use of deadly force when necessary. The Sergeant of the Guard also operated the Active Vehicle Barrier when required and promptly alerted appropriate officials of any apparent security violations. Additionally, they conducted traffic stops at the IACP to perform safety and security checks.

Entry Control Point Officer

In the role of Entry Control Point (ECP) Officer, the individual was responsible for serving as an officer at the entry control point. They maintained continuous communication with other ECPs and headquarters to ensure effective coordination. The officer maintained a list of authorized visitors and identified all personnel and vehicles entering the facility. They communicated effectively with individuals seeking access, ensuring proper identification and verifying authorization. Any breaches of the entry point were immediately reported to the appropriate supervision. The officer also identified any violations of security protocol during identification checks and coordinated with associated security teams, such as Allied, Barton, and Raytheon.

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