CMF 68 Medical Duty Descriptions

General/Unsorted Medical Duty Descriptions

SRU Platoon Sergeant

Assumes the role of Platoon Sergeant for the esteemed 3rd Platoon, Soldier Recovery Unit (SRU), dedicated to supporting the Army’s noble mission of healing and assisting Soldiers in Transition (STs) and their Family Members; serves as a vital conduit within the Medical Triad throughout the recovery and Medical Evaluation Board (MEB) process; collaborates closely with Squad Leaders (SLs), Nurse Case Managers (NCMs), and Primary Care Managers (PCMs) to ensure the delivery of exceptional care and services; oversees and coordinates existing appointments, schedules, work programs, and mandatory training; manages the Soldier for Life and Transition Assistance program (SFL-TAP) as well as the Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) participation of four Squads; upholds the responsibility for the well-being, welfare, and morale of 70 STs and six Squad Leaders.

Instructor/Writer for the AMEDD Advanced Leader Course

Serves as an esteemed Instructor/Writer for the AMEDD Advanced Leader Course within the Total Army School System (TASS) Schoolhouse; ensures the delivery of course materials and classroom instruction in strict accordance with TRADOC regulations and AMEDD Programs of Instruction (POI); maintains meticulous accountability and secure control over test materials to safeguard their integrity; upholds unwavering adherence to safety protocols during training sessions.

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