• I took on the responsibility of unit training and overcame obstacles to ensure that the entire platoon achieved a 100% trained and qualified status with military drivers licenses.
  • In order to meet our deployment readiness goals, I conducted a comprehensive road test of a 36-person platoon, successfully qualifying the entire unit.
  • Through determination and perseverance, I overcame obstacles to ensure that the platoon attained a 100% status with military drivers licenses, guaranteeing their readiness.
  • I took the lead in organizing and delivering an ATV safety course for the soldiers of the 49th Missile Defense Battalion.
  • I successfully trained and certified all members of the unit for their upcoming deployment to Afghanistan.
  • Recognizing the need for adaptation, I modified the MRAP driver’s training course to include urban environments and various weather conditions.
  • I efficiently organized and constructed over 100 drivers’ training folders for all the soldiers of the 49th, including the Rear Detachment.
  • Leveraging my knowledge of my MOS, I provided assistance that resulted in the completion of over 50 drivers licenses.
  • I earned certification from the ATV Safety Foundation and graduated in the top 10% of my class.
  • With a strong focus on safety, I ensured that each student possessed the necessary knowledge and tools to operate an ATV safely.
  • I facilitated the instruction of four MRAP and one LMTV Driver’s Training and sustainment training courses, licensing more than 125 students in preparation for their deployment.
  • I set the standard for trainer/mentor proficiency on the HMMWV Egress Assistance Trainer (HEAT).
  • I developed and launched the unit’s drivers training program, effectively addressing the driver shortage and ensuring immediate relief.
  • I prepared, organized, and served as the lead instructor during Trans Co Annual Training.
  • I taught the ATV driver training program at Ft Greely, resulting in a 30% reduction in accidents.
  • I provided training to nine soldiers on how to back up a 1088 MTV tractor-trailer to perform alley docking procedures, resulting in a 30% reduction in damage.
  • Through drivers training and convoy procedures, I effectively trained 155 soldiers, leading to the most successful convoy to date.
  • I demonstrated tireless devotion to the operational safety of the soldiers assigned to Bravo Battery, 1st of the 214th FA.
  • I licensed 155 operators in less than 12 months, significantly increasing readiness.
  • With great instructor skills, I successfully licensed over 90 soldiers in 2013 through drivers training.
  • I integrated Composite Risk Management into all aspects of the drivers training program, resulting in the lowest accident rate witnessed in the past 5 years.
  • Safety was deeply ingrained in every facet of my instruction, resulting in a remarkable record of zero accidents over the last 18 months.
  • Despite having no formal training, I accepted responsibility for the unit’s drivers training program and managed to improve the delinquency rate by 50% within the first 90 days.
  • I was recognized by the Battalion commander for having the best drivers training program in the Battalion.
  • I diligently kept meticulous records, facilitating 60 soldiers being recommended for the Drivers Badge.
  • I served as the primary classroom instructor for the classroom portion of the drivers training program for the M1097 HMWWV and the M108A1P2 LMTV.
  • I demonstrated exceptional professionalism in the classroom and superior communication skills beyond my rank and experience.
  • I achieved a 100% pass rate for all 30 of my students who were recent AIT graduates.
  • I provided assistance to 10 new and existing soldiers of the Company with their training and licensing.
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