Senior Drill Sergeant

  • o Oversaw the integration and in-processing of approximately 4,000 Soldiers to Fort Sill annually, ensuring a smooth transition for new arrivals.
  • o Guided operations during the sequestration budget reduction in FY14, maintaining graduation numbers despite financial constraints.
  • o Ensured training resources were flexible and scalable to handle training needs for years to come, adapting to changing requirements.
  • o Implemented individual Soldier-based reviews, ensuring graduates were equipped with the necessary skills to excel in Advanced Individual Training (AIT).
  • o Reviewed, revised, and implemented streamlined out-processing procedures to ensure timely departures for AIT, minimizing delays and improving efficiency.
  • o Played a key role in ensuring assigned instructors were enrolled in and completed required schooling, contributing to the Battalion’s ability to execute instructor missions effectively.
  • o After serving one cycle as a Drill Sergeant, SSG Miles was chosen by the Company Commander to become the Company Executive Officer, recognizing his leadership potential.
  • o Earned the Drill Sergeant Badge in the last third of his career, demonstrating dedication to strengthening the Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) Corps.
  • o Played an instrumental role in developing all command training guidance, training Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and command briefings, ensuring standardized and effective training practices.

Drill Sergeant

  • o Instructed over 120 trainees in the proper deployment of the M67 fragmentation hand grenade, ensuring their proficiency in this essential skill.
  • o Took charge and filled in unexpected personnel and training gaps, ensuring mission continuity and maintaining training momentum.
  • o Conducted concurrent training on the Fort Sill Advanced Rifle Marksmanship 11 range, honing soldiers’ marksmanship skills.
  • o Fostered a positive training environment where all trainees had the opportunity to excel, creating a supportive and growth-oriented atmosphere.
  • o Volunteered to support other 5-15 Calvary activities, including A Troop’s Battle Buddy Team Live Fire, contributing to the success of the overall unit.
  • o Successfully moved the unit to Marseilles Training Center (MTC) to conduct AWT (Army Warrior Tasks) and IWQ (Individual Weapons Qualification) training, ensuring a realistic and effective training environment.
  • o Participated in flag-bearing duties as part of the color guard for E Troop’s graduation, representing the unit with honor and professionalism.
  • o Demonstrated dedication to duty, loyalty, and selfless service as a Drill Sergeant in the 2/321st Regiment, contributing greatly to the overall mission accomplishment.
  • o Maintained 7 training facilities, performing daily security checks and safeguarding the well-being of 9 cadre members and 300 soldiers daily.
  • o Conducted 60 field training exercises, mentoring and evaluating 900 soldiers, instilling expeditionary skills and the warrior ethos.
  • o Provided professional and focused instruction to ensure soldiers were prepared for their service in the United States Army.
  • o Built a Drill Sergeant Mentorship Program that resulted in a 100% graduation rate at Drill Sergeant School, fostering the professional development of future Drill Sergeants.
  • o Displayed attention to detail and safety, ensuring mission success on multiple occasions and maintaining a high standard of performance.
  • o Pushed himself and all Drill Sergeants around him by exhibiting superior knowledge, leadership, and devotion to the mission, setting a high standard for excellence.
  • o Selected over three others and advanced to the Fort Leonard Wood Post-level Drill Sergeant of the Quarter Board, demonstrating exceptional performance and leadership skills.
  • o Trained 88 soldiers and oversaw 170 while serving as the Bravo Company drill instructor, leading or instructing in Physical Readiness Training (PRT), Drill and Ceremony, Marksmanship, and Land Navigation.
  • o Coordinated instructions to the Drill Sergeants and Officers assigned under him, contributing to the success of all the Cadets in his platoon.
  • o Delegated tasks effectively, reducing learning time by mentoring and assigning responsibility to soldiers, fostering their professional growth and development.
  • o Worked tirelessly despite constraints to ensure standards were upheld and proper training was provided to Basic Non-Commissioned Officer Course (BN IET) Soldiers.
  • o Demonstrated capable Soldier care, technical and tactical expertise, and mentorship, providing guidance and support to soldiers under his charge.
  • o Inspired his peers to execute and compete in training in an exemplary manner, directly contributing to the successful graduation of over 90 qualified Infantry Soldiers.
  • o Worked continuously to overcome financial and schedule conflicts, ensuring standards were met and proper training was provided to 1-48th Infantry Battalion Initial Entry Training (IET) Soldiers.
  • o Instructed soldiers on tying the Swiss seat and rappelling off the short tower, increasing safety and soldier skills in rappelling techniques.
  • o Provided accurate and focused instruction to ensure soldiers met standards and were prepared for their roles and responsibilities.
  • o Devoted countless hours after the training day to ensure a 100% qualification standard, demonstrating dedication to excellence.
  • o Ensured soldiers were proficient in both basic and advanced infantry tactics, equipping them with the necessary skills for their military roles.
  • o Earned the distinction of being recognized by his peers as “A true mentor,” reflecting his commitment to guiding and supporting soldiers under his leadership.
  • o Managed the Physical Training (PT) program, tracking and scheduling fitness assessments and recording scores for over 500 soldiers, promoting physical readiness.
  • o Conducted all assigned training with results that far exceeded expectations, as evidenced by the success of his troops.
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