• Created a priority matrix for assigning vehicles to tasks, resulting in a 75% reduction in delivery delays.
  • Optimized finite vehicle resources by matching capacity to tasks, increasing on-time availability by 50%.
  • Synchronized driver and vehicle availability with mission requirements, ensuring efficient and timely operations.
  • Teamed with a tenant unit to share transportation burden, reducing unit costs while expanding capacity.
  • Assisted in the management of the ISA Air Base, Bahrain Transportation shop, ensuring operational readiness of 122 Army-owned and AVIS-leased vehicles supporting five tenant commands.
  • Streamlined weekly trip ticket tracking documentation, resulting in increased accuracy.
  • Tracked scheduled maintenance and insurance expiration, leading to a 25% reduction in unavailability.
  • Maintained scheduled maintenance and records for over $10 million worth of organic and augmented Civil Engineer equipment.
  • Increased the availability of equipment for critical disaster relief missions and active training evolutions.
  • Ensured unit readiness by meticulous attention to detail, ensuring required supplies were on hand for PMIS (Property Book Management Information System).
  • Managed the safe movement and transport of over 1,000 soldiers during 88 operations and exercises.
  • Oversaw the safe execution of 66 ammunition handling operations and 77 training evolutions with a flawless safety record.
  • Maintained an accurate field dispatch log for over 300 trip events despite not having access to the Transportation Planning Tool.
  • Accomplished over 40 logistics support missions to the 55th ADA (Air Defense Artillery) and 100 internal trips without a single delay caused by improperly dispatched operators.
  • Managed the actions and locations of 29 drivers while simultaneously monitoring 43 security cameras and intrusion detection systems during heightened threat conditions.
  • Coordinated and optimized the resources of Security Forces, Fire, and Medical emergency response assets for over 400 service calls.
  • Responded to a critical HAZMAT spill, dispatching the appropriate team and arriving on-site in less than 30 minutes, earning praise from the Regional Operational Assessment Team.
  • Demonstrated uncommon bearing and sound judgment while coordinating with the Battalion’s vehicle operators and convoy commanders.
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